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What I’m Reading | My Spring 2020 Bookshelf

With any major life transition – be it a move, event, or beginning of some sort – lies an opportunity to explore making major changes. I was once a gal who read piles of books, imagining adventures, and content to be surrounded by old book smells, creaky book bindings, and the sounds of library scanners. Education changed the focus of my reading for quite some time. I’m happy to now report that I am back to reading and, yes – I still LOVE words and the thrill of witty turns of phrase.

If your daily adventures are limited in new ways, here are some titles on my bookshelf that I am enjoying. Take a look, and you may find something to add to your reading list that would infuse new inspiration into your life. Fix yourself a cup of something warm, and see if you can order these digitally from your local library, listen to them on audio, or pick up a copy online and have it shipped right to you.

My Spring 2020 Bookshelf | Where the BlueBoots Go

But first, a quick note:

Dear BlueBootsGo Friends,

I didn’t mean to turn out the lights on Where the BlueBoots Go (yes, it has been a while!). It has been harder to balance all the things I’ve wanted to share with you with day-to-day life. A new city, new challenges – a whole lot of new. To practice what I value, I took some time to BE where I needed to be, which also meant taking a break from creating written content. Hopefully you’ve since hopped on over to @BlueBootsGo on Instagram in the meantime to follow my daily adventures there.

With the world in the midst of an unprecedented time, there’s a lot I could be saying. But, for the moment, I’d like to stick to what I love most and share inspiration for adventure you’re able to take right from where you are. So, wrap yourself up in something cozy, and read on with the powers of your imagination and ambitions firing and ready to go.

Thinking of all of the BlueBootsGo community, and wishing you well and the best health this week and every week.


My Spring 2020 Bookshelf

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I’ve recently discovered that I enjoy a mix of reading books and listening to them via Overdrive from my local library. Hands-free audio is particularly helpful to keep me company while washing dishes, folding laundry, or commuting.

BlueBootsGo - Georgetown Library, DC | My Spring 2020 Bookshelf

Wearing a cozy chic uniform outside of the Georgetown Public Library: this Everlane Women hoodie has been a must-have while traveling and for jaunts around town. It came in cute colors for spring (I had my eye on the cream….) and I’ll update you if/when it comes back in stock!

I bought some of these books, others were gifts, picked up at a local library, or are an audio library book on Overdrive. As for genres, a lot support professional or career development in some way and are related to creativity and leadership. Given that March is Women’s History Month, a couple are memoirs from leading ladies who inspire me.

Big Magic. Sent to me by a good friend, this book on creativity is a nice read for content creators, writers, and those trying to find or accept a new wind of inspiration. Read, and you may find encouragement and courage to create something phenomenal.

My Own Words . The notorious RBG – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – has captivated the interest and attention of many. I saw the movie ‘On the Basis of Sex’ (loved it), and became interested in learning about the life of RBG. The tenacity and dedication she demonstrates in her role on the Supreme Court bench began early. RBG is one impressively talented young writer.

GUT: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ – I have put this title down for some time now, but I am impressed with how it achieves the goal of communicating the science of our gut through researched facts, easy to digest (ha ha) language, and occasional illustrations.

Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong and the New Research that’s Rewriting the Story – I had the pleasure to meet Angela Saini at a talk she gave at the National Library of Medicine. For women in science, or those who want to better understand the history of how far we have come and where we should go next to make way for our differences, give this a read. Or, try Superior – a title about race in science.

Angela Saini BlueBootsGo | My Spring 2020 Bookshelf

Daring Greatly. Written by renowned TED talk speaker, Brené Brown, she explains her research on the sources of shame and vulnerability, what it means to overcome these by daring greatly – and importantly, how the choice to dare greatly affect future generations.

Rebel Talent. In a similar vein as Originals, this title is well-written and also provides examples that are inspiring for today’s leaders.

Difficult Conversations. I think this is a must-read for anyone who’s ever been frustrated with communication. This would be a must-read to better understand what you and I aren’t saying and how that affects the outcomes we expect to get.

Originals. I truly enjoy this book. It’s helped me to think through pursuing a new career and pushed me to embrace my evolving thinking as a leader.

Becoming. First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir is one I’d looked forward to reading. It is a page-turner. Having grown up just north of Chicago, there’s a lot I’m continuing to learn about (one of) these vibrant cities of mine.

Writing Science in Plain English. A short little book I picked up at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting from the University of Chicago Press booth. I’ll be reaching for this for tips on communicating scientific ideas because clarity is key to achieving understanding.

What have you read recently? I’m wanting to branch into new categories (so, surprise me!)

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