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Reusable Makeup Eraser Cloths

My makeup routine is not complicated. I wear makeup maybe a couple of times a week when I work from home. Still, I confess that having to take makeup off – especially when tired – factors in to my decision “to wear or not to wear.” I try to live as sustainably as possible, and to limit or avoid extra irritating chemicals. Reusable makeup removal cloths are a life hack game changer – warm water, wipe, and wash. That’s it!

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Makeup removal woes

Makeup remover never made it into my skincare routine: they often stung or made my skin feel uncomfortable. I preferred water and face wash. Even though I often had some traces of visible eye makeup on, makeup remover never felt good. Plus, buying cotton pads to apply it with seemed like an extra expense with limited practical uses and they just took up space.

A few months ago, I saw Makeup Eraser while browsing online and decided to purchase a single makeup removal cloth towel, in black. I chose black in case the product did not work well and did not fully clean in the wash. In that case, I wanted to not have to look at remnant streaks of mascara or brown foundation.

From first use, I fell in love with how easy and simple cleaning off the day became. Makeup wearing became more fun, and I started experimenting with eye shadow again. *See this post for my current favorite work-from-home makeup essentials, including an amazing pigmented clean beauty eye shadow I’m loving.

I wish I had found out about makeup eraser cloths earlier. Just a touch of makeup while on camera boosts the way I look and feel at work, even though I’m not going to an office. Makeup Eraser cloths effectively allow me to gently wipe away my makeup at the end of the day with warm water and no additional product – big wins.

Makeup Eraser in Action


  • Which side do I use?
    • The side without the tag can be used to take off makeup just with warm water.
    • The other side (tag side) can be used to exfoliate, e.g. if you take off a face mask.
  • How does it work? the product works like little suction cups, pulling product away
  • How does it feel? cloths are soft and gentle to the touch
  • How wet should the cloths be? make sure to get it nice and wet with warm water for best results

Watch a quick video tutorial on the Makeup Eraser on the @BlueBootsGo Instagram Story Highlight “Makeup Eraser

Additional note

My only other main use for regular disposable cotton pads was to apply toner. If this is you, try spritzing your toner instead – just change the bottle top! I’ve tried using the pads to apply toner, and it works fine, although, keep in mind that the cloths are meant to take away product from a surface rather than apply it.

Shop Makeup Eraser makeup removal cloths

I linked the two products I purchased below for your convenience. The prices are pretty reasonable considering the number of uses, reduction of waste, and convenience!

The set of 7 is SO fun (I love the cheerful rainbow colors). A laundry bag makes it convenient to get my makeup removal cloths cleaned weekly – having a proper place for everything helps. A little canvas pouch is an additional perk.

The mesh laundry bag hangs out with my laundry mesh bag that I use to clean my cloth face masks and every week, in they all go!

When it is safe to travel again, the 7 day set will be great to just bring just enough cloths along, and stow them in the included laundry bag until laundry day.

I hope these makeup removal cloths make wearing and removing makeup more fun and fuss free for you, too!

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