Ps. 46:4 – There is a river whose streams gladden the city of our God – song

I enjoyed Psalm 46:4 very much since last week. Just reading this verse in the Bible makes me smile! Out from the enjoyment came a little tune…

Ps. 46:4 -”There is a river whose streams gladden the city of God.”

We are drinking from this river. The divine life flows in the divine nature as the unique way (way for us to “walk,” for example) for the daily life of God’s redeemed people. Nothing is more clear than the flow of life within us, and the more the water of life flows within us, the more it carries away anything that veils our sight. It is so crystal clear and simple – where there is the flow of live in the city of our God, there is life and there is the way for us to live.

There is a river

G                   Em   Am7                   D7                                         G

There is river whose streams gladden the city of our God

————-Em  Am                                     D7

There is a flow divine, that’s keeping me on

—————G                Em-Am7                         D7   G

The way of life with the supply of His nature all divine.

————–Em – Am7                         D7                          G

There is a Dweller who’s making His home in all my heart.

—————Em – Am7                 D7                     G

There is a Builder who’s building up a spiritual house

———–Em              Am7        D7                                G

So I am coming, coming to drink of this clear flow

——————-Em        Am7                  D7                  G

For nothing, nothing, nothing is as clear as this flow,


Oh, flow, the flow of this

——–D        G

Gladdening stream!


Inspired by:

Psalm 46:4; Ephesians 3:17; Revelation 22:1,17;  1 Peter 2:5, Revelation 21:11,18; Life Study of Revelation Message 65.

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