Daily Hymn / Divine

Hymn-a-Day: 71

Praise of the Lord-His Name Day  16 – 71 2. Thy name encircles every grace that God as man could show; There only could He fully trace a life divine below.   A couple of days ago, I was conversing over a cafe au lait with a good friend  at Cafe Kafofo (a little Brazilian-themed cafe in … Continue reading

Daily Hymn / Divine

Hymn-a-Day: 70

Praise of the Lord-His Name Day  15 – 70 3. It tells me what my Father hath, In store for every day, And though I tread a darksome path, yields sunshine all the way.   Looks like we have got some sunshine in store for all the tasks on our paths today! I’m thankful for … Continue reading

Daily Hymn / Divine

Hymn-a-Day: 69

This section of hymns that I’m reading through now is subtitled, “Praise of the Lord-His Name.” Frequently, I have an unfortunate and terrible tendency to skip over headings and titles – perhaps it is evidence of the part of me that, a bit stubbornly, prefers to figure out the meaning of things myself and doesn’t … Continue reading

Daily Hymn / Divine

Hymn-a-Day: 68

Despite being confined more-or-less to a down-stuffed bed the past few days, I’ve somehow managed to awaken with a small verse of a hymn on my lips: just a short few lines or so, but strangely enough, those few lines have been enough to lift my spirits up and get me out of bed and … Continue reading


Hymn-a-Day: 67

After a long hiatus, I hope to resume my plodding through a book of hymns and sharing my appreciation of a particular stanza with you. Hymns are spiritual poems and they can help us to not only reach out to God, but to touch God as well. I hope these inspire you and bring encouragement … Continue reading