Hymn-a-Day: 67

After a long hiatus, I hope to resume my plodding through a book of hymns and sharing my appreciation of a particular stanza with you. Hymns are spiritual poems and they can help us to not only reach out to God, but to touch God as well. I hope these inspire you and bring encouragement to you as well! 

We are picking up where I left off…at:

Praise of the Lord-His Name

Day  12 – 67

1. The name of Jesus is so sweet,

I love its music to repeat;

It makes my joys full and complete,

The precious name of Jesus!

I love the line I set in bold. It is so special that even the best and highest joy I have, the most enjoyment, can be made more full and complete because of God. It’s something beyond a mental comprehension, because it is something that can be known only in the deepest part of our being, and touched by something there. Actually, it is the very name of Jesus itself that activates that something there and brings to it a unique life that is always active, and always responsive to divine things. Our feelings then are the way we can most easily perceive if that deepest part is responding. It’s sweet, the name of Jesus…


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