Jungsik {Where the BlueBoots Go to Eat: NYC}
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Jungsik {Where the BlueBoots Go to Eat: NYC}

Korean-French fusion at a Michelin-starred NYC restaurant. Read on for details on what we tried, loved, and would go back for. Continue reading

Culinary Creations

Warm North African Fragrant Turkey Stir Fry Over Basmati Rice

Quick lunch of the day to share with you all : -one pound ground turkey -one scallion, chopped -handful of fresh pomegranate seeds -1/3 cup raisins -two heaping tablespoons ras el hanout spice -quarter onion,  sliced. Sautee onions in a tablespoon canola oil -1/3 cup labne -1/4 cup tomato sauce -salt and pepper to taste,  … Continue reading