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Jungsik {Where the BlueBoots Go to Eat: NYC}

Taking a break from the current “programming” about education to bring you a pretty and tasty interlude…

For a special date night a couple of months ago, B and I drove to NYC and back. It had been a crazy week and tensions were running high so the calm, muted atmosphere made our early celebration of our 1.5 year anniversary extra special. We didn’t plan it, but when you’re young, (and it’s bad weather – pouring and the sort) I suppose, you can afford to do kind of crazy, off-the-cuff, adventures like this at the last minute. Friends of ours recommended this French-Korean fusion Michelin-starred restaurant and we were delighted to take a recommendation instead of searching through menus and reviews. It was a delicious and pleasant experience. Here are some snapshots to convey the evening, along with what we tasted. Fun fact: one of my favorite cuisines for special occasions, is, in fact Korean food. Matched with French cuisine, another favorite, this meal made for a very happy camper on a longer road-trip (rare).

Here are some snapshots to convey the evening, along with what we tasted. See the captions for details on the dishes and our review. 

Have any of you foodies been to Jungsik? What did you try? What would you want to try, if you haven’t been?

Have a delightful Wednesday evening, all!

table setting @Jungsik

Lovely table settings. Isn’t the little bud vase grand and sweet at the same time?

Happy Anniversary!

They even made us a “Happy Anniversary” Menu. We ordered a Brut rose, which was nice.




Octopus. I’ve never tasted such good octopus before, and I’m NOT a sea creature consuming fan. They were crispy, but tender, and NOT rubbery. Probably our favorite dish of the night, and that’s saying something.

Yook Hue Bibimbap.

Yook Hue Bibimbap. My first taste of beef tartare, topping a really delicious rice blend with some other herbs. I liked it, especially the rice with the flavorings. I’m indifferent about the beef tartare part. There were other yummier items that we enjoyed.

Crispy Red Snapper

Crispy Red Snapper with Vietnamese Salsa and Cilantro. Okay. This was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The flavors of the vietnamese salsa were so fresh and refreshing. I would eat this every week if I could reproduce it myself. The red snapper had perfectly broiled skin on the top, and overall this dish displayed an impressive and delightful blend- harmony – of textures and flavors.

Tribeca Lobster

Tribeca Lobster. This dish was more unique. Have you ever had raspberry with your lobster?? The beurre blanc was laced with a raspberry coulis. The sauce was quite rich, and the dish contained a solid amount of succulent lobster.


Galbi. The sauce on these wagyu short rib pieces was delicious. It was a top runner along with the red snapper and octopus. As a note on the service: I’m allergic to one of the key ingredients in many of the dishes they serve. Unaware of this, and mentioning my allergy as an afterthought, the server came back and said they couldn’t make the galbi dish without the ingredient. I must have looked so crestfallen, because the next time he returned, he relayed the information that the chef could, in fact, make the dish without the offending ingredient. I was happy :)!

Petit Fours

After that feast, we didn’t order desserts, BUT they brought out for us some petit fours UNDER a real BONSAI tree. Artistic and classy, and tasty. MMmmmm.


Citron Macaron

A very, very mini citron macaron.

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