God makes All things Beautiful
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God makes All things Beautiful

Sometimes, while on a walk, one of the best, unexpected things to do is look up. 3D art that lives and breathes. It is beautiful. Continue reading

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New Song: I Drew Them with Cords of a Man (Hosea 11:4 and Romans 5:8)

Hello dear readers! I awoke on this fine October morning feeling a pronounced sense of nostalgia for writing. I miss charting the adventures of the BlueBoots very much, and upon my morning reflections, I wrote a little song based on two verses – Hosea 11:4 from the Old Testament of the Bible, and Romans 5:8 … Continue reading

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God Thinks About Us

Although I haven’t been posting any spiritual enjoyment too lately, rest assured, I have been still been enjoying scriptures. On Saturday nights, I’ve been enjoying spending time with junior high and high schoolers to get into the Word together and develop their relationship with God. We eat, catch up, laugh, sing, and fellowship together. It’s … Continue reading