Adventure in Normal Life / Journeys

Saturday II

Went back to the hotel, On the Ave.

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and on the elevator on the way up, a group of French fellows got on and couldn’t figure out what floor they were on. I totally surprised them by  answering them in French :). Hey, when an opportunity comes by to practice, why not?

  • a little shopping
  • Dinner (korean bbq! nothing like so cal, sadly…) and
  • A Walk  from Times Square to midtown Manhattan. 2 hour walk or so? Good exercise, but I was hungry after! Five of us from the program skipped the comedy lounge because we’d have gotten back very late, and after Friday, we were beat. The walk made me have a little more confidence in getting around New York. That’s not saying a whole lot, but a city gal is a city gal wherever she is…

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