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BlueBoots @ MoMA – Saturday

Saturday was a more laid back day.

It started to snow a little, for about 10 minutes, a couple times throughout the day but just  enough to make me feel like I was in a winter snowglobe on the east coast with no danger of wet or slippery to worry about as a result. It was the best kind. (comment on the weather – there was snow. Not on the ground, not on the cars – none. That was fabulous.

  • Brunch at Citrus – nice decor. Fresh look. Indoor water wall. I recommend it. They made a special menu just for us, but from among the offerings, I wanted something sweet.

I enjoyed: Mile High French Toast (cinnamon-sugar enrobed, baked French Toast with powdered sugar and freshly sliced strawberries); a small bowl of fresh fruit, two mini muffins with spiced orange marmalade; coffee; fresh grapefruit juice; a bite of rich chocolate cake and of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

A lot of people got the Primavera egg white omelette with goat cheese and fresh vegetables and really liked that as well.

We were technically supposed to mingle with Ph.D. applicants from other programs who were also at brunch, but that didn’t really happen. Scientists are cliquey. And, in general, I find that grad students in the sciences tend to only be chatty when they’ve had a few glasses of wine…

  • Then, I decided I wanted to see the MoMA, the famous Museum of Modern Art. I went with a bunch of bioinformatics people. All the rest of the ones in my program (10 altogether) decided to either go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or go ice skating. As it turns out, one of the applicants works at Harvard near where I used to work and lives really near where I live, and a grad student is from Boston originally. But, still, I rather wish I had gone by myself  –  my companions for the afternoon quickly tired of every exhibition and (bad for them) they ended up having to wait while I appreciated the art and took photos of my favorites.

I believe art museums are NOT a group affair.

Enjoy some of my favorites!

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