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on kitchens, kids, and katastrophes

this past weekend was, pretty much, guaranteed to be all fun and games. literally, except for but a few un-forseen events…

But, we all know, that would de-dramatize my usually dramatic daily occurrences, which would be such a disappointment.

After a late night run to the grocery store on Saturday to pick up snacks for high school gals sleeping over, I returned home and made a mental check list of all the countless apartment-related things I needed to take care of before my guests arrived the next day. Cleaning, cooking, breaking down boxes (from when I moved in…in preparation of a potential future move 🙁 ) and two projects for class I had due on Tuesday that I still had yet to start, let alone finish. Aaannd,I decided I’d deal with that all Sunday afternoon, set my alarm for 7 and called it a night.

Sunday morning.

7 am. I hit the snooze on my phone.

7:45 am. I probably hit the snooze a lot of times between 7 and 7:45. This time, I turned it off. My alarm clock sounds musical and lovely, but sometimes, I just want to sleep, o, sleep.

9:23 am. I hear a voice calling me, “It’s 9:23!”

I awake to my senses. WHAT?!?!?!

I am supposed to be out the door, catching a train at 9:40. Which, was impossible. Obviously.

So, late start. Beaaaautiful.

I didn’t work on my coursework, didn’t clean, and was late for life.

I returned home in the early afternoon and immediately began swiffering, dusting, scrubbing, washing dishes, etc which I didn’t finish until 4:10 pm. And then, I was late on cooking because 4 out of the Five girls were arriving in 20 minutes and nothing had been cooked. The Fifth was arriving by T at 6.

6 pm arrives, and no Fifth in sight…one roommate was home but was feeling suddenly sick and resting, and then, I got a phone call from my other roommate, wondering where the Fifth was. Not here… But, her news was most disturbing.

The T was taken off service for a number of stops because, at Central Square, the station a couple of minutes from my house, a man had jumped in front of the train and been killed.

! ! !

Apparently, there were crowds of people running around chaotically, sirens, police cars, news crews and passengers trying to find a way to get to where they needed to go. We were worried about the Fifth, especially since she didn’t have a cell phone, and had never been to our place. The Fifth finally appeared, later, and I continued feverishly cooking up the green bean and ground beef dish, and fresh mashed potatoes and putting together the meal with a little help from the poor, ill roommate who retired quickly after chopping the makings of a fresh salad.

And then, my roommate kept getting more and more ill and in pain and instead of her being able to join in the fun, she was flat in bed, unable to move anywhere, couldn’t get up and walk or sit, or stand. OUCH!! Other than worrying about her, it was a fun time, ate a lot, laughed a LOT and we played a neat game called the Story Game where everyone starts with one piece of paper and writes and passes the paper around in turn, folding the paper to cover the prior responses, in order to end up with a super-funny story, one per player:

1 – the name of anyone they want (preferably someone everyone knows)

(fold paper, pass to neighbor, etc)

2- what they were wearing

3- where they met

4- how they met

5. what he said when you met him/her

6- what you thought when you met him/her

7- what you said when you met him/her

8- how it ended

Monday morning, dreary, cold, snowy weather didn’t help, and I let the girls sleep in instead of giving them a tour of my alma mater, which they’d wanted to do. I made breakfast, and went to check on my roommate, and found her flat on her back, almost in tears in pain, trying to find a doctor on her laptop. My other roommate was gone for the day already, so I ran between the girls and my roommate trying to make sure both were comfortable as possible, encouraging both to eat. The girls did an awesome job at taking care of themselves and putting the living room back together, and I was proud of them, since I was otherwise occupied.

After the girls left to go home in late morning, we decided that we were going to go to the Emergency Room and find out what was wrong.

It was a day-long adventure, of sorts, at times scary, but roommate and I were in the ER for most of the day, and finally left the ER in late afternoon with some prescriptions, a diagnosis, and relief (she was now finally able to walk, albeit very, very slowly!!!) I’m glad to report that she’s recuperating slowly and thankfully much better than she was this weekend!

2 thoughts on “on kitchens, kids, and katastrophes

  1. oh my! now my question is…did you get your assignments done? I know how much fun ER waiting rooms can be, but were you able to focus?
    There are some days that I want to be in your shoes, living your adventures~but then again, I have adapted to a life lived at the pace of a garden snail!

    • well, most of life is around the pace of garden snail, compared to my previous lives. I almost forgot my laptop in the haste, making snacks and lunches for ER wait, but I snagged it (unfortunately, not entirely charged…) as I ran out the door. I was able to focus, and I actually ended up re-doing my psych observation study on the waiting room patients and then my battery died. ER waiting rooms make for much more interesting subjects than people at a cafe. I didn’t end up finishing until just before class, though, yesterday. All done!

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