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One of my friends, a fellow food-lover, and who has a spunky, and particularly surprising “gangstah” side mentioned one day that if she had a cream-colored dog, she would name it, Snickerdoodle.

– “Oh, wouldn’t that be so cute???”

And, you could call him Dood for short. Excuse me, Dude.

“Hey, Dude, come here!”

Besides the pup, I tried a new recipe for almost-like shortbread snickerdoodles. They’re extra cinnamony, and I experimented with different shapes and sizes and coating techniques, which is why they all look a little different from one another.

I accidentally ended up making close to 100 cookies. The recipe said it only made 20, so, wanting them to last a little longer than a day in my household, I thought I’d double the recipe so I’d have enough to share with friends.

Well, that dough was seemingly endless and time after time, I was putting sheets of cookies in the oven!

fresh outta the ovenfresh outta the ovenextra cinnamon and sugarquickly coolingmore classicmmmmpiles of snickerdoodsextra cinnamonmore typescinnamon sugara little art with some sweetness

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