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Henrietta’s Table

My roommate’s friend came to visit, and treated us (we had no idea she was going to be so fast and sly with slipping her card to the waiter!!!) to this nice restaurant, Henrietta’s Table, in Harvard Square in the Charles Hotel (one of four, I believe).


cute pig!

Henrietta's Table Menu



Known for the unique home-baked breads,

Anadama – molasses bread

Home bread – sourdough of sorts

Cranberry Pecan (yummm!)

and New England elements incorporated in each of the dishes, and also for it’s mascot, Henrietta the Pig this restaurant has tasty and flavorful food. I ordered the pot roast with mashed potatoes and I was too full to walk. Literally. The meat was great –  not like the unfortunately difficult cut of lamb that I’d had at nearby Rialto during Restaurant Week which was tasty, but frustratingly difficult to cut, even with a steak knife!(To Rialto’s credit, I did enjoy their Espresso dessert and coffee…)

As a side note, I do think Henrietta is an adorable name for a pig. 🙂

Thanks to Joan for the picture of the pot roast and menu!She and her friend were armed with their Canons (cameras) at the table to document anything and everything.


tender beef, delicate herbs, just enough sauce, and freshly mashed potatoes without all the fat.

I’m getting a taste for these nicer restaurants lately, it seems… My theory is that a restaurant crosses into new and finer territory when it has a regularly changing menu based on the season and time. After all, the freshest and best local ingredients aren’t available year round, so neither can the menu stay the same!


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