Peanut Butter and Nutella Cupcakes

Although it was truly a laborious and detailed process (perhaps because I had to improvise, my kitchen not yet being as expertly equipped with wonderful tools), the end result was well worth it. I made them for my roommate’s birthday (which is today) and “just because.” I’m always up for a challenge.

24 cupcakes + 2 kinds of frosting = Decorating and Sharing Fun.


plain cream cheese frosting before nutella&PB jump inmmmm

McIntosh apple

my excuse to help eat up the extra frosting in the bowl

crispclose!big two-dozen family of cupcakescutey cupcake linersplain cupcake pilesquigs and shadowssquiggles with a PB-choc on top, please?voila, many frosted designsnut and pbI resisted biting into this one long enough to photograph it.a plate for the home group



more photos, below.

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