Daily Hymn / Divine

Hymn-a-Day: 74

Good morning,

In lieu of sharing one stanza, I’ll share two lines of two different stanzas.

Praise of the Lord-His Name

Day  19 – 74

2. I love the precious name of Jesus,

For I am one He came to save!

These two lines highlight something I’ve appreciated before, but is a sweet declaration put in words.  When I realized that salvation is personal, that Jesus’ death was for me, however many years in the future from when Jesus lived on the earth, it changed my perspective. This realization caused me to be reminded that when remembering Jesus – particularly on a Sunday morning with the service of the bread and the wine, but not limited to that time – it’s not appropriate to be casual in attitude or to think lightly of Jesus’ death for sinners to be redeemed (made acceptable to God and to be brought near to God). His sacrifice was a gift for me, personally so that I can draw near to God, and God can be my friend, comforter, wisdom, guide, and more.

This whole section of hymns praising His Name has shown us many reasons why Jesus is precious. In these two lines, we can appreciate a personal gift from God to us.  After all, when someone gives you a gift, would you leave it unopened and put it away in the closet for 50 years? That’s not likely. So, we can enjoy this personal salvation and appreciate the gift always!

3. [the name of Jesus] tells of Him who dwells within us,

Our old heart to renew and fill.

Renewal sounds good, doesn’t it? If there is one thing we probably don’t want to get old, it’s our heart.

But, no problem – the name of Jesus helps us to have a heart like His, a new heart.

Ezekiel 36:26 says: I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

So, today, we can remember to offer a little sacrifice of praise ourselves and thank God for the gift of our personal salvation and for the part of the package that included a brand-new heart and spirit.



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