Adventure in Normal Life

Preview of the next “season” of posts

Although now is perhaps one of the busiest times of my life when I’m hard-pressed for time to do anything, I am making it a point to still share some awesome things here on Where the BlueBoots Go! I enjoy it, it’s fun, and I really like hearing from you all when you see something you like.

Thank you so much to all of my readers for the ‘likes’ and new regular readers following my blog all around the globe! And, if you’re not already and enjoy what you see, feel free to come along by heading back to the Welcome page and click the “I’m a comin'” button on the far right.

I have a lineup of fun posts that include:

  • artsy photography takes on buildings
  • new culinary creations
  • great kid project ideas
  • yummy foods and good eats around Boston
  • easy and beautiful DIY projects
  • pretty things
  • new ideas
  • and of course, more lovely hymns to share.

Enjoy today immensely, and Happy Friday!



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