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“The Little Paris Kitchen” visits Boston!

Hello readers,

It has certainly been a while. In the interim while I’ve been away, I hope that you have enjoyed your other readings, good food and company with friends and family, and perhaps a little getaway or two. BlueBoots has gone on a number of adventures (oh, finishing another year of graduate school, planning a wedding, getting married, and traveling Down Under where the kangaroos and koalas roam.)

While I was away, I received an email from a store called Anthropologie, notifying me of the upcoming visit of Ms. Rachel Khoo, chef, writer, and food creative to the Boston store location to sign her cookbook, “The Little Paris Kitchen.” Her name rang a bell – back when I first began writing my first blog, she also had her own blog, where she would describe her takes on classic French dishes that she would serve chez elle, where she had opened a little tasting kitchen in her own flat in Paris with “only two gas rings and a mini oven.”  Now, she has her own .com, which you can visit here.

My days were wrought with moving and all the wonderful things that come with it, but I did manage to take a break and stop in to meet and chat with Rachel. She was charmingly real, inspiring, and grounded on the earth despite recent fame, shared my affection for gourmet chocolates (she admired my friend’s gift purchase from chocolatier L.A. Burdicks a couple blocks away, and said she would pop in later for some), and was both stylish and amicable. Judging by her blog post from her visit to Boston, she also enjoyed her time in this city as well!

Anthropologie spread a feast of vegetable crudite, fresh fruit, cheese, tomato preserves, crackers, and water with fun striped paper straws for this festive afternoon event.


A warm welcome from Anthropologie.

the book

the book


The cookbook itself has fresh photography, fresh ingredients, places to visit in Paris on a culinary tour of sorts, chic photos of Rachel in Paris, selecting her ingredients, stopping for a coffee at a local cafe, and most charming to me are the illustrations – un petit dictionnaire en photos – if you will, pictured here.

A dear friend purchased this book (enjoyed with the experience of course!) as a wedding gift for me, and was a perfect way to end a perfect morning that began with a scrumptious French brunch at Aquitaine. Thank you! xo


best wedding wishes from Rachel to me

best wedding wishes from Rachel to me

book and spritzer in hand!

new book and spritzer in hand!

Thanks also to Anthropologie for hosting such a fun event, and to Ms.Rachel Khoo for making the trip and making my day (and kitchen!) more special. I am looking forward to trying the recipes!

the stylish food creative, Rachel Khoo



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