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Quick Appetizer : guac and mini tacos

image …with a washi tape description! The Superbowl is this Sunday, so I hear, and this year I have kept an eye out for quick things to fix. I have been pinning things to my Entertaining board on Pinterest as well, with plans to *hopefully* make one of them this weekend. If it turns out, you’ll hear about it soon!

In the meantime, here’s a quick snapshot to inspire you for upcoming entertaining plans.

Guacamole: one ripe avocado (Costco did well this time!), 3 teaspooons salsa (my favorite is listed here under sauces), a twist of ground salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime.  Quick Tip: Keep the avocado fresher by keeping the pit in the guacamole, on the side. 

Featured: mini beef Tacos from Trader Joe’s – these come plain with shredded beef inside, so my quick solution was to provide the guac for dipping or scooping and adding a little extra zing to the appetizer.

I’m always finding new uses and every opportunity to use washi tape, a Japanese rice paper tape that is colorful, comes in cute patterns, doesn’t leave a residue, and comes off easily. Here, I use it to label the featured items right on the platter.



Don’t you love these bowls from Anthropologie, too? I have a dozen of them in different colors and both the big and small sizes (they sell them in sets online, but a la carte in stores). I grab the colors once they go on sale. Ah, the beauty of colorful dishes!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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