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Cutest German Postage

We received the happy birth announcement from our friends in Germany yesterday of their first bundle of joy (in paper! not an email!). This particular friend of mine has always been the best at keeping in touch – we first met in high school when she was a German exchange student for a year and we were in the same dance class, which we both enjoyed very much. We became fast friends, and have remained such for the past several years. I’ve gone to visit her, and she and her husband came the following summer all the way for our wedding, while she was expecting. I am so appreciative of our friendship, and the fact that it transcends years, life events, culture, and an ocean!

Beyond the joy of seeing pictures of this little one (who, now that I think about it, also came to my wedding), I appreciated how a propos it was that the stamp matched the occasion of the announcement – aren’t these little animals out to sea adorable?

animals out to sea- explorers in the great unknown!

animals out to sea- explorers in the great unknown!

German postage is absolutely cuter than options available for American post – I’m convinced.

Snowy days are perfect days to catch up on some posts. I’ve been buried in papers, highlighters, colored pencils, flags, and post-its focusing on reading and learning lately. But, in between some household work, I wanted to be sure to share this bit of cuteness with you. We have tacked this onto our colorful DIY fabric bulletin board (I still have to finish this post which I really am excited to share with you). 

Congratulations, Natalie and Sebastian, and welcome Maximilian Thomas – what a distinguished name you have!


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