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Waiting for Spring

wpid-IMG_20140205_171743.jpgWinter after winter, in each cold, snowy, icy place I’ve lived, I always accepted the many 5-7 months of winter as a fact of life and never wished it away. When I learned the tricks (invest in awesome snow boots with ice melting soles, a long down jacket, rev my car engine in place to warm it up, leave my windshield wipers up before a snow storm, wear fleece lined leggings as a layer, wear 180s earmuffs) I dutifully executed my winter motions day after day.

Something is different about this year, however, and today I reached the conclusion that maybe I’ve had my fair share of grey days and am wishing for Spring along with many others. I can’t wait to wear sandals, paint my nails bright pink (although, what shade, I couldn’t tell you since I have *strongly* disliked the ones I’ve put on before), and oh, wear bright colors. Neon, even. Combat the greys, the blues, or even the “mean reds” (Breakfast at Tiffany’s). If you don’t know me that well, this is an unusual turn of events, indeed – I have never worn neon anything nor found last Spring/Summer’s collection in the US to be attractive. But, perhaps now I understand the heart and drive behind the designers who understand how a certain sector of the population feels around this time of year.

My orchid agrees – I can’t wait for the day when it blooms. My hope for spring will hang on till then. Hang on!

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