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Saigon Cinnamon Ciabatta French Toast with Strawberry Coulis- A Cheery Monday Breakfast

Monday mornings call for a little extra pick-me-up sometimes.

These were a quick and yummy fix: sliced ciabatta;  skim milk+saigon cinnamon (Cost Plus World Market), one egg, ground nutmeg; simmered frozen strawberries for strawberry coulis topping; powdered sugar; grade A pure maple syrup. It took less than 20 minutes, start to finish (including slicing the bread, which, for me is the most difficult part.)

Saigon Cinnamon gives a perfect sweetness to the french toast, and overall these are a definite hit for time and taste.
wpid-20140303_080507.jpgbananas on strawberry ciabatta french toast





Here’s a roundup of a couple of pictures from the weekend:


Late Night S’mores with swiss milk chocolate, made in our Breville smart oven. The all-around toasted marshmallow was sublime!


Earl Grey with or without milk…afternoon tea at home

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