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{Muffin Monday} White Chocolate Raspberry

It has been a few weeks since the last {Muffin Monday} post, but now as I have a bit more breathing room I can share this.


I made these using the similar recipe as the last {Muffin Monday} post, except for this {Muffin Monday}, I substituted whole wheat flour for regular flour instead. I used a whole pint of fresh raspberries and 1/3 cup of white chocolate chips as well, and let the mixer do its work.  I intended to use cranberries and white chocolate chips, but somehow that message got lost in translation after I went to the store and I came back with a pint of fresh raspberries instead. These were good, and besides the speckles of white chocolate, are a fairly healthy alternative to 500 calorie muffins loaded with many kinds of fats! Although they didn’t turn out as sweet as I might have liked because the raspberries (no surprise here) are out of season and were a little tart, they were still snatched up and well-enjoyed by many.

wpid-20140117_182948.jpgwpid-20140117_183531.jpg wpid-20140117_190148.jpg wpid-20140117_190204.jpg

More {Muffin Monday} posts are forthcoming in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned for your breakfast inspiration and more lessons learned 🙂 !

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