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Peaceful Morning Rain

When it comes to springtime, the blue boots come out often to splash about.  It being June already, with summer hurtling through time at us in just a couple of weeks, I think we must have skipped spring altogether and are careening from winter to summer with this week’s chillier rain as a spring afterthought.

Experiencing spring is quite different in the different place that I have lived. The light falls differently into the living area, the breeze has different patterns. But, the sounds and smells are refreshingly similar.

I’ve been enjoying walks around the neighborhood, especially with 60s-70s weather, before the heat becomes unbearable, at different times of day this week. I try to make it out of the house at least once a day for air, since I have been a bit sick this week.

Although I really don’t like getting wet – I’m much like a cat, in that respect (alright, and others too…such as napping) – I surprised myself by very happily enjoying my morning walk, unencumbered, shielded in blue boots, ambling gently throughout the town on a small errand or two. The flowers and herbs in gardens nearby rose to meet my nose pleasantly, and the sound of cars swooooshing by with water whipping around their tires sounded like the sea, if I close my eyes. It really is quite delightful. Even picking up a carton of milk for coffee at TJs was so pleasant, as if everything is a bit sleepier and soft today.

My friendship sill – five plants lined up at a very large window – seems happy for the rain and breeze as well.wpid-20140605_102142.jpg I’m enjoying my new Anthropologie flower pot for calla lilies (they were dormant for months, but after faithful watering, they have been shooting up in resurrection every day.)



Aren’t they so encouraging? The flower pot was much more interesting and attractive than the ones at the hardware store, which were only $1 cheaper.

If it is raining where you are, I hope that you can also enjoy the quiet peacefulness instead of getting weighed down by grey and gloom!





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