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Mornin’ visit to Blackbird Doughnuts in Boston’s South End

I kept thinking of the classic Beatles song “Blackbird” on the way. 🎼🎶 to this gourmet doughnut establishment in the South End neighborhood in Boston.

We tried four different kinds:
🍩Salted Toffee
🍩Lemon Coconut
🍩Lemon Bismarck
🍩Raspberry chocolate

The favorite was lemon coconut, but I also liked salted toffee. The lemon coconut had a nice airy dough texture that was complemented by coconut. The raspberry one tasted authentically like raspberry, seeds and all, which was a nice surprise.

The decor was simple for this small shoppe but I like it!








The colors on the logo are nice, yes? That muted pink on the coffee cup would be really nice for décor.

The donuts are packaged either in a little paper bag with their logo stamp, or these “pizza” boxes. They have a pepperoni pizza doughnut, but I wasn’t too tempted – already had 🍕pizza twice this week ;).

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