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April Highlights on BlueBootsGo


April was a month with its fill of projects, getting fit, walks, new friends, and the awakening of Spring.

Here’s a recap of April in pictures and links to blog posts, in case you missed them:

  • Tatte in Beacon Hill opened, and quickly became a favorite spot. They have my hands-down favorite hot chocolate! I must remember that for winter…
  • Put together a number of fun outfits, and pondered the pros and cons of having a personal work uniform.
  • B arranged a very popular arrangement of cake and strawberries!
  • found edgy, black sandals, perfect for our trip to Europe
  • Read a little to inspire me in the Bible and in How to Read a Sentence and How to Write One by Stanley Fish.
  • Made a custom order of graduation invite cards for an inspiréebys client
  • went to a Bootcamp early in the morning and enjoyed the workout and treats!
  • Lots of coffee while writing my Qualifying Exam…and took time to make a new and fellow PhD friend earlier in the month.
  • strolled through Boston with an old friend who was visiting and had Amorino gelato
  • Took walks to appreciate spring (it seems, for the first time, although I’ve been her for 10 years…)
  • adopted new tropical plants, coexisting together, from the awesome South End store, niche
  • I won a lovely calendar of fashionable shoes, courtesy of Le Zoe Musings and Talula Christian’s collaboration.

Have a wonderful Thursday! It’s really great to keep a record of all the noteworthy things that happen. No day is perfect, and it is common to post the better things in life than the less wonderful, but posting what is lovely inspires and is a reminder that so many good things DO happen. 🙂


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