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Niche – urban garden supply {Decorate: Boston}

Happy Marathon Day, Boston (and the world, who arrived this weekend to run and cheer!)

Last October 2014, I decided I wanted to add a cute little succulent to my nightstand. Boston was gearing up for Christmas, and while they had been prevalent everywhere, succulents were a thing of the past, replaced by wreathes and mini Christmas trees. A nice lady at West Elm recommended I try Niche (click here for their site) for a unique and beautiful selection of potted plants and arrangements, as well as vessels to plant them in and once I came, I was sold. Niche is a perfect and clever name as well for this shop!

Located at 619 Tremont St. in Boston’s South End, this shop is on the garden level and you walk in to see a variety of tropical plants, succulents, air plants, a small selection of flowers, seeds, and unique pots and terrariums of all shapes and sizes.  I love this view. Friendly Fern (left) and succulent. Don’t you love the pots???

Niche kindly plants and sets up the greenery you buy right there while you wait, too.   Our most recent addition includes ivy, ferns, tropical plants, and peperomia.    darling purple flowers as well.       these watering cans are gorgeous. I absolutely want one sometime.       If you’re local, be sure to check out this shop when you’re thinking of decorating for home or office! They have a great selection for low lighting areas (perfect for the city) and the staff are nice.

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