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On the way to work this morning, my mind returned back to a topic I occasionally visit and thoughtfully peruse. What do I want to do with my education? Back to Earth, daydreamer: No, I mean REALLY. What?


I’m closer to graduation now than I was before, yes, but I’m not quite to the point where I’m seriously looking at next steps (unless I invent something really cool and don’t finish school, or something equally crazy like that for this mostly conservative and cautious planner…but that’s for another day). I keep a record of all my past mentors, great or small, who have inspired me personally by their character, motivation, skills or other attributes. I started attending career workshops in my first year of grad school, anxious that I had to start thinking right away about what I would do with a PhD in Nutrition and Metabolism.

As some of you who know me personally could guess, I’m not the conventional academic. Perhaps the cookie-cutter academic (and there is nothing derogatory about that) is a myth and we’re all secretly superheros with alteregos.

 Here I am in one of my natural history environments: Today At The Office.

I like my life to be full. I sing sometimes (and poorly record it). I write poetry sometimes. I paint and draw and sometimes some of you have encouraged me greatly by supporting my artistic endeavors and even purchasing some of my work, or telling your friends about it. Thank you!! I like beautiful things, and beautiful places, and I enjoy capturing a collection of moments on Instagram @nini4nana and sharing them with a vast community of fellow artists and appreciators. I challenge myself constantly and sometimes just live for the challenge, even if I am cautious by nature – all the recipes I post pretty much are little challenges I’ve explored and overcame and recorded for future repetition and culinary enjoyment by friends and family, and hopefully inspiration to you.

And, like today, I stop all other activities when the creative juices flow and it’s time to write!


I won a small grant from the CapitolOne Wish For Others campaign that I’m waiting for the right opportunity to implement – I want to start an intervention which will be a local, joint nutrition education and food preparation and appreciation program for underprivileged kids. Curriculum, farmer’s markets, fancy foods, regular meals, and families all wrapped up in it.

I want to write. Not just papers to big journals with graphs and statistics, which is what I’m training for now, but I want to write for everyone and share the real low-down on nutrition – why certain nutrients that scientists have been studying in relation to cancer, or diabetes, autoimmune diseases, or obesity are worth paying attention to among the massive hullabaloo of popular internet self-diagnostics, diets, fads, and any opinion which could very easily be mistaken for fact. Nutrition is very complicated. I won’t be a dietician, but I have some insight into how nutrients play into long-term disease development, and I sure as anything want the kids of today to learn to eat right but not only learn, but enjoy healthy foods so much that any alternative would be a counterfeit. Economists and policy makers would be happy too. That would be not only rewarding, but a small and humble public service and ‘thank you’ for my education.

Perhaps I could write for The Everygirl from time to time and share a health perspective on this  blog about all the women out there making their way, with public interest and inspiring stories.

I want to grow my arts business, inspireebys, and make a few key pieces for a department store, one day.

I’d like to sell pieces I make at local art fairs (wherever I end up) and meet other great artists!

I’d like to have a quiet (second) home away from the city that I could escape to and be creative without abandon, and without the city noise and ambulances pealing through the windows.

I’d like to become more and more whole as I explore different capacities, and foster the kind of environment wherever I work and live which supports the cooperative and parallel professional and creative growth of all those who are around me.

I want to inspire and be inspired.

I also want my heart to grow in capacity to love and care for more people, and learn from God, who also cares for and loves many in a quiet, mysterious way.

Well, and a cute little teddy-bear-like dog to take on thoughtful walks would be great too J. We’d come up with the greatest ideas together and go to interesting places with interesting sights (and smells, I suppose).

These are just a few Friday thoughts and aspirations. There are a great many “places” for BlueBoots to explore, inside and out. I would love to hear what you all think, or if you have any inspiration as well.

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for reading!


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