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🎨Paint Party in Boston @Muse Paintbar 

HI everyone! This post is for all of you Boston folks, and then a word of encouragement for anyone who might be just a little afraid of trying something creative that may be new.

Jane and Alexandra with 44Comm and Muse Paintbar hosted a fun gathering for bloggers this week, and B and I managed to make it over to join some familiar faces and some new ones for a paint party.

I have to admit, being an artist and painter myself, I was not so sure how much fun I would have if someone was telling me where to put the lines and what colors I had to use. Reining in creativity? Hmmm… But I went with an open mind, and was really happy with the results when I was able to add my own touch to make the piece mine. What was EVEN cooler was that I got to see my husband paint, with a smock and everything, on a canvas, on an easel, and encourage him that he too, can paint. Woohoo! I am so proud of him.

The night began at 6 and we enjoyed some yummy and filling appetizers – caprese and shrimp skewers, a cheese and fruit plate, sliders, spicy pulled pork and chicken egg rolls – and drinks while we painted. The instructor gave helpful hints throughout “steady your hand. let it dry. wipe your paintbrush to even paint before applying to the canvas.” and easy practical guidance (“use the green brush. use the orange brush. use two paintbrush-fulls of white paint.” and walked around and the staff were super friendly and supportive. The instructor walked us step by step, for the most part, and it was cool to see the paintings evolve when we took a 10 minute drying break (and mingling and snacking break). People all interpreted things a little differently which is cool and awesome considering the expectation of replicating a specific painting. Food, fun music, good company, and wine made it a great date night to try out!

[unexpected beauty]


If you need a special plan for tomorrow and tapping into your creative side sounds delightful, check out Muse Paintbar. It is located in a four locations in the Boston area:  newly opened location at Assembly Row (461 Artisan Way, Somerville), a newly opened location at MarketStreet Lynnfield (600 Market St, Lynnfield),  Hingham Shipyard (15 Shipyard Dr 1C, Hingham),and Patriot Place (217 Patriot Pl, Foxborough).

For those of you who prefer activities and experiences, this is the kind of messy exploration that can help teach you a thing or two about yourself.

Muse Paintbar is hosting Couples’ Nights through tomorrow evening in honor of Valentine’s Day and providing the base of a fun, interactive date. With step-by-step instruction from a local artist, couples can create their own painting while enjoying a menu of wine, beer, and small bites. Each person receives a canvas to paint, and upon completion of their painting, their canvas will form a larger piece of art when positioned next to their date’s. Interactive, yes?

COST: $35-$55;

Thanks again to 44Comm and Muse Paintbar for hosting a terrific night!!!  🙂

If you’re reading this and you’re not in Boston, be encouraged! Pursue something new and with a friend and you may be happily surprised with the results!

Creatively yours,


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