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The difference between Style and Fashion {Series: insights from #GIRLBOSS}

Happy Spring!

It is currently snowing and flurrying a beautiful, cold white dusting outside, which is rather funny given the mild winter we’ve had thus far in Boston. In this time of transition and growth that comes with the spring season, I thought it would be perfect to explore the question of the difference between style and fashion.

If you’re like me, you are somewhere on the spectrum of exploring what defines YOU, and what it means to be you. This includes dynamically defining how you look, how you feel, how you speak to others, your attitude towards failures and successes. You may take your inspiration from role models, people who are doing great things in a niche you aren’t in but would like to get into, or “accidents” that turn into great adventures that open new opportunities.

I’m inspired by many types of things, which is one of the reasons why I branded my business, inspiréebys – not because all the pieces I create are always just inspired by me, but the inspiration in my life shapes me and leads me to create items that are inspired…. through me. I share that inspiration often on my instagram @bluebootsgo and save ideas for later on pinterest or in sketches in a notebook.

I’ve been sharing some snippets from #girlboss, the book by Sophia Amoroso, in this series which includes two prior posts, here and here. In this edition, I explore the comments on the difference between Style and Fashion, which I think is an important one. To summarize, style is more inclusive, whereas fashion is fleeting.

You can have a ton of money and buy yourself all the designer goods you can stuff into the trunk of your Mercedes-Benz, but no amount of money can buy you style. Having good style takes thought, creativity, confidence, self-awareness, even sometimes a little bit of work. (224)

What is style?

…that hard-to-nail-down, you-know-it-when-you-see it quality. (224)

Fashion styles may come and go, but the attitude stays consistent.

Fashion has always informed the way I approach life. It’s also helped me manipulate my moods…

…on the topic of style, I think clothing will always look good – no matter how outlandish or ridiculous you might think it is – if you wholeheartedly own it. If you feel equally as excited and comfortable in a fruit-silhouette head contraption

(a la chiquita banana…..)

as you do in a pair of jeans, the rest of the world will watch. And likely in admiration. There are no apologies necessary for being you…no one will ever be able to love you if you don’t love yourself. (214-215)

What can clothing be?

Clothing is ultimately the suit of armor in which we battle the world. When you choose your clothing right, it feels good. And there’s nothing shallow about feeling good. (225)

I’ve experienced putting on such a solid “suit of armor”, and also ones that just didn’t fit! Have you?

Your style is much more about your attitude than it is about what’s on your back. But don’t underestimate the transformational possibilities that getting dressed can afford you. (226)

So, style is more about the attitude you have towards life, the way you carry yourself into a room that leaves an impression on others. It is the way you feel about yourself that paints the air around you in a brilliant pattern and which draws others to want to know a bit of that mystery and wrap that inspiration around them. 




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