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Elements Truffles – pure chocolate bliss in an ayurvedic truffle // on my Wellness Tray

Chocolate with a mission (or two) is exactly what I’m here to share with you today in the next installment in my what’s on my Wellness Tray series. To fulfill my suggestion of “a tasty treat” on my Wellness Tray, I chose chocolate. Elements Truffles make you feel like you have indulged in an incredibly delicious treat in a good-for-you, fair trade, organic, ethically-sourced way. Plus, they donate 25% of their profits to the education of underprivileged children. Don’t know much about Ayurveda? I’ve got you. The founders share more about why these ayurveda-inspired chocolates are just what you need in the winter months. Continue reading

Organic Bath Co. Luxurious Skincare // on my Wellness Tray
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Organic Bath Co. Luxurious Skincare // on my Wellness Tray

Wellness gifts for your Wellness Tray that you won’t want to miss. Meet the inspiring Best of Boston Wellness Guru, Gianne behind Organic Bath Co. and the W.E.L.L. Summit. The Nourish Night Balm and Peacefull Body Butter will keep your winter skin moisturized and your senses calm and relaxed! Continue reading

Simply Curated Candles, on my Wellness Tray
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Simply Curated Candles, on my Wellness Tray

Gift hygge in a glass – Simply Curated’s Simple Collection candle in Vanilla Lavender is my pick, the second in my Wellness Tray series featuring small makers. Gift inspiration, made. The crackling wood wick and phthalate free, soy wax candle in the best essential oil scents are PERFECT for gifting, right out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Plus, “meet” Sarah, the CEO and founder of Simply Curated. Be well! Continue reading

The Wellness Tray // how to make your own + gift it to someone you love
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The Wellness Tray // how to make your own + gift it to someone you love

A Wellness Tray is a designated spot which houses items which make you feel cared for, nourished, peaceful, refreshed, relaxed and able to sort through and process anything, emotionally or physically that you need to.

I like the idea of a Tray because sometimes you might want to take some special favorite items with you to a different spot that feels right, and a tray makes things portable, but not permanent, but also brings adequate definition to the practice of going to your Wellness spot. Particularly in small spaces in city living, it becomes harder to designate distinct spaces for living, sleeping, eating, so it is helpful to have a grounding, defined spot with a tray that lets you know you’re in a specific, created space ready for relaxing and wellness to relax you, one sensory experience at a time. Continue reading

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The Entreprenurial spirit {Series: insights from #GIRLBOSS}

In this series from the book #girlboss, we have taken a look at the style – or rather, attitude – behind one species of today’s successful female. We’ve looked at the creative spirit, Picasso-inspired. We’ve looked at the care that goes into successful creativity. The last facet I want to share is about the entrepreneurial … Continue reading