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Organic Bath Co. Luxurious Skincare // on my Wellness Tray

The morning quiet today is just so sweet. I finally got 80% of the sleep I need after a very busy couple of weeks getting ready for the artisan Holiday Market I was a part of yesterday and my regular research work. Sleep is so important for your body to renew and recharge, and especially in the winter, skincare is also very important with particular needs.  Skin often gets cracked or dry from heat inside and dryness outside, so I called upon my friend and Best of Boston 2016 wellness guru, Gianne Doherty, and founder of Organic Bath Co. to see if I could care for the wellness of my skin better this season.

Gianne is one special lady. She has a vision for wellness and community. She started the W.E.L.L. Summit which was first in Boston and this year in NYC for its second two-day event of wellness, empowerment, luxury, and learning.  This spring, there will be a Day of Wellness Event with the usual incredible programming and wellness treats, so don’t miss signing up for the newsletter so you can find out right away about these popular events. I meet so many incredible people each time in my #wellsummittribe! I’m lucky to be here in Boston (Massachusetts was rated the healthiest state in the U.S.A. this year!) with so many wellness-minded folks.

If you missed what a Wellness Tray is, my first post in this series highlights how you can make one, and gift one.

Organic Bath Co sent over two AMAZING, luxurious products that have a home on my Wellness Tray – the Nourish Night Balm and Peacefull Body Butter (also known as Stress Less). I have been modifying my facial skincare routine constantly and one of the most uncomfortable feelings is waking up with dry skin from a winter night. The Nourish Night Balm provides a deep moisturizing from the insight out. Here’s the description, which basically describes my skin ‘s issues (dry, damaged, acne prone), and probably yours this time of year.


A rich, emollient a base of Organic Shea and Mango Butters hydrate as Organic Jojoba helps to balance skin. Antioxidant Organic Green Coffee and Vitamin E-rich Prickly Pear Seed Oils protect skin from premature aging. Organic Rosehip Oil, high in essential fatty acids, calms skin with anti-inflammatory properties. Especially effective for dry and damaged skin, Organic Tamanu Oil minimizes scar formation. Skin looks refreshed, calm, radiant and deeply nourished upon waking. Ideal for winter, Nourish Night Balm works especially well on dry, damaged or acne prone skin.

For years I thought that oil is what caused blemishes, but really, dryness and dead skin cell accumulation can block pores and cause excess oil production to compensate – there’s where blemishes take opportunity to arise. So, a low-maintenance routine that addresses the moisture balance and health of your skin is worth a lot and will help with confidence and feeling beautiful – for both men and women.

Products that have ingredients you can understand and have known healing properties are key in my selection these days. I like the formulation of natural butters and oils – it is a balm, in a feel-good weight container, and you only need a little finger tip full amount each time so it lasts.

As you can probably tell from my second choice for my Wellness Tray in a candle form, a lavender scent is just what I am loving for calming and relaxing.

This travel tub of very light but deeply moisturizing Peacefull Butter has a gorgeous scent and feel and I feel so calm applying it in the morning as a part of my waking up routine or evening to wind down. In the mornings, my mind is inclined to wake up firing for the day (anyone else a morning person?) and I’d rather slow down first thing in the morning!

If you’re looking for Organic Bath Co products, you can find them online, and if you’re local to the Boston area, over at Cambridge Naturals or Follain. They’re also popping up at different spots with wellness DIYs (like making your own body butter) – yesterday they were over at West Elm Fenway! You can also take a moment to read about why Gianne and Jay started Organic Bath Co. on their blog – I love knowing what drives small business owners to create amazing companies and what fuels their dreams –> realities. I’m a big fan of their sugar scrubs – I seriously want to eat them, and I’ve tried the spiced cacao, java jolt, and refresh mint and LOVE all of them too.

If you’re in Boston, I’d love to connect at a wellness event that the lovely Gianne puts together, so hopefully I’ll meet more of you.


reading my Thoughtfully Magazine about “Food for Skin” and having herbal morning reviver tea 🙂

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Today is my nephew’s 4th birthday and we will be heading there to RI this afternoon to enjoy an intimate afternoon with family to celebrate the little guy. We will be celebrating being together  -I found this awesome book about that and it will be a part of his present this year.

Thank you for being here in the BlueBootsGo community!  Have a wonderful day!


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