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Simply Curated Candles, on my Wellness Tray

Today I’m delighted to feature Simply Curated in the second post of my Wellness Tray series. One of my favorite practices in the last 10 years has been coming home and lighting a candle, signifying that I’m taking a step to leave work, my commute, and stresses behind. Simply Curated is an American-made, beautiful brand with crackling wood-wick (like a mini-fireplace) candles hand-poured with essential oils in small batches in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

When I see a product, I want to know about the people who envisioned it, handled it, created it. Sarah Cooley is the CEO and founder of Simply Curated. Originally from NYC, she was first a friend of my husband and now I’m happy to also be a friend and supporter of this tremendous boss lady. She is kind, driven, hardworking, and has a lovely laugh. I’m constantly inspired by her instagram account @simplycurated where she doesn’t ignore the hard parts of having a small business and engages the community, supporting small shops, and cultivates her dream of one day having a storefront #shopgoals. She picked up her business and took it to Grand Rapids to her own studio, where she has scaled her business to create pretty, thoughtfully designed products and community in one go.


I needed a candle for my Wellness Tray (defined in the inaugural Wellness Tray post here) and I knew immediately I wanted needed the vanilla lavender scent to relax and recharge. Made out of 100% soy wax, phthalate free (not hormone disrupting!), these candles are clean-burning and provide scent + sound + visual sensory engagement which is just right.


I have different scented candles for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living area that fit the ambiance I want to achieve and often switch them but for my Wellness Tray, this scent is just perfect.

The Vanilla Lavender in this candle is clean, relaxing and balanced.

They’ve been featured in Real Simple, Domino Magazine, Revue. I bought a few at Nordstrom and some were sold at Urban Outfitters as well last holiday season as well but I really like finding her candles at small, thoughtfully curated shops.

We’re getting ready for the Arctic Blast in Boston (scheduled to arrive tomorrow with [brrrrrr] negative temperatures) so staying in and enjoying some cozy hygge as the happy Danish say “hoo-gah” with a relaxing candle on a Wellness Tray sounds pretty good.



Simply Curated is beautiful, sustainable and 100% made in the USA. We love Simply Curated <3!


Find Simply Curated near you!  They have a beautiful 22 Karat Gold printed Original Collection Cocktail candles (reuse them as barware or juice glasses – super sophisticated) and the Simple Collection which I’m featuring here, c/o Simply Curated, and travel tin candles so you can bring your little bit of wellness with you when you’re away for the holidays or taking a trip.

All the scents are wonderful – seriously – but you will likely find a loyal favorite among them and something super special for a gift. Have a look at the Simply Curated online shop and pick out something special for you and for a loved one, build a Wellness Tray with tips from my prior post, and enjoy. Be well! 


Questions? You can get in touch with them at

Come back later this week for the rest of this special series + gift inspiration featuring small makers on this Wellness Tray, including:

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