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Let’s go on a picnic

Last Saturday was the perfect spring day. The lingering wind and chill in Boston, along with an apparent uncertainty to pick a season had me looking longingly at our newly-acquired (and with great excitement, might I add……) picnic basket and blanket. I felt like we had finally arrived at this important rite of passage in adulthood, soon to be followed by the acquisition of portable lawn chairs and a beach umbrella, I expect ;).

The sky was exquisitely blue.

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I caught the insulated picnic basket with a layer to store a waterproof (on the bottom) picnic blanket on sale – it merited a 40 minute drive to Cost Plus World Market. The marimekko beach towel (family size – or for two tallish people) came along too for added space and comfort. 

Have you been to the Arnold Arboretum yet? If not, you should plan a relaxing day of it. Pack some snacks……..a book or a magazine……a friend……some sunscreen……and enjoy! It isn’t so buggy out yet, which is perfect, so you can enjoy some swatting-free moments in the shade with a pleasant breeze. Sound dreamy? Well, it is. #getoutdoors I say.

We packed such a simple snack – salami, cheddar, a pear, and strawberries.Nothing fancy.

A happy moment 🙂

You could contemplate all sorts of things at the park.

I managed to get some reading in, advancing past winter in Eat Pretty by the lovely Jolene Hart and into the foods that I ought to be considering as a part of my spring pantry. Yes! 

Perfectly framed….

These trees had purple and pink blossoms growing out of the trunk! It is amazing. I enjoyed our park experience so much, and in these longer sunlit days, I would encourage you to frequent your local parks and remember some simpler pleasures, whatever they may be for you.


Have the most lovely weekend, my dear readers!



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