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BlueBootsGo Friday Five

How’s everyone doing? Spring came this week, and I’ve happily lined up my springy, summery dresses in the front of my closet in preparation.

I thought I’d round up 5 things from the week that I’m thinking about today. I hope that you enjoy them!

  1. Movement. Although I’m always a little dubious about drinking green things (we’re kind of programmed to want to eat colorful things, but somehow green could be a toxic color. I wonder if it is the Ninja Turtles’ fault……) I actually love the taste. I decided at the start of the week that TODAY would mark my return to the gym for a barre class, so I woke up in eager anticipation. However, I was so busy enjoying the tranquil morning I was almost late and simultaneously starving so I was glad I had this protein green smoothie in the fridge. I’m happy to report it tastes good and with just half of it consumed, I was not hungry after the hour class.

2. Artistry. Speaking of smoothies, I made my first açai smoothie bowl at a VIP event hosted by Juice Press, which just opened up recently on The Street in Chestnut Hill. They have such a rainbow of juices and smoothies, but also soups (including an Egyptian Lentil that I want to try) and I had fun putting this bowl together while meeting some new blogger gals! 

3. Decadent. Jumping from healthy to not-so-healthy – I met up with a friend for lunch this week and she works by Kane’s Donuts downtown. When Kane’s had a pop-up at The Street, I tentatively tried a few flavors and here I was ogling the towers of donuts from the window. They’re just too good….. 

4. Contented. At the very end of the rainy spell we have had in Boston, we stayed in and I was content to do a little coloring. But, don’t get me wrong – I was also a fierce winner in a landmark Monopoly game, where I definitely kicked butt. I had all the utilities, the railroads, and Boardwalk and Park Place. With hotels. Let’s just say, one false roll and the money was mine. 

5. Sweet. This is just for the cuteness. When we were in Seattle, we lunched at Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen, which I will blog about soon because it was the best Thai food I’ve ever had. Before we made it there, our friend saw these little ducklings and the mama duck trying to cross the street. This is where Seattle and Boston are different. A group of concerned citizens collectively followed this family for several blocks from the city to the water, coaxing them over barriers and onto sidewalks. Can you imagine a family like this stopping city traffic??

Our ducklings, brought to life from Robert McCloskey’s popular classic book, Make Way for Ducklings, are quite safe in the Public Gardens, fortunately. 

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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