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A little BlueBootsGo fun-spiration for your Friday :)

Oh, Hi there!

I’ve constantly had blog posts on my mind, but putting photo to screen hasn’t been happening lately. (Sorry!)

I’ve had a busy spring of traveling for work with some pleasure, as those of you who follow me on Instagram know from my frequent posts there! (Find me @bluebootsgo for up-to-the-moment adventure inspiration!)

I just wanted to say hi, wish you all a very happy spring, and share a few fun things in this roundup.



This cinnamon bun from Skillet diner in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle was h u g e. It was as big as a face, and a whole loaf of bread.

Speaking of Seattle and good food, we were there for a quick weekend to celebrate the wedding of our two friends, Emily and Sean. Sean is the proprietor and chef of the food truck It’s Bao Time! and sure enough, he catered those yummy pork baos for all the guests to enjoy. Check them out if you’re in Seattle!

I also had the best Thai food I’ve ever had at Isarn Soul Kitchen. I’ll be blogging about this in a separate post, because, believe me – it deserves its own post. 

We took walks. It rained. The sky was gorgeous, as per the usual in Seattle. 

After getting wet, our friends initiated their fireplace with speculoos cookie s’mores. They were a m a z i n g. You need to try them. And get a fireplace. ASAP. 

There was a lot of this – airplane, lit up city, taking off and landing over March and April. 

I saw a lot of cool patterns by looking in unexpected places (like the ceiling in the lounge of my San Diego hotel. 

I had to sit amongst the roses, of course, at the Balboa Park Rose Garden while my #instagramhusband did his duty. 

There were these wild cactuses there too in the cactus garden. Sadly, people etched their names – or tattooed them into parts of the cactus. 🙁 

We tried a number of restaurants in San Diego’s hopping Gaslamp District, including Seersucker. Although we liked the ambiance, but didn’t love the food we had.  I do however love this painting on the wall. What do you see? A music note? a ladle? a goose? I love ambiguous art like this. 😀 

We went to Opening Day of the Dodgers vs. Padres on a spur-of-the-moment and had a giant soft serve in a Padres hat to commemorate our first Opening Day experience. They have a great field there, and we picnicked on the green and saw the game (and came away with 8 free toothbrushes – arm and hammer was a sponsor!) Anyone who stays at our apartment now has a free toothbrush they can use. 🙂 

I introduced B to the Dutch Baby at Walker Brother’s Pancake House. I grew up with this place down the road in Chicagoland and it was a delicious little taste of home.

We had to go to the beach, obviously. We played in the sand and watched the sunset. How romantic, I know. But we are romantics.

You know how the saying goes….. When in San Diego, have lots of tacos. We met up with my blogger friend and fellow scientist and stylish academic Andrea who writes at PhD Fashionista

Back in Boston, life is as normal – except for the gloomy, wet, rainy, chilly spring weather. I get to wear this lovely pink coat from Asos to stay warm (and try out a new hair style).

On the plus side, the tulips (were) gorgeous and the cherry blossoms and pink flowering trees have sprung up in the Public Gardens. 

Marimekko launched its Target collection, and I was excited. #TargetStyle was too 🙂

I joined the #CGScreative photo challenge, my first photo challenge with my blogger friend Roxy for the last half of April. I discovered Porcelain and Stone as a local maker too!

I rekindled my love for Children’s Books and discovered Bull and Bee Books on Instagram! This book is a wordless, sweet find.

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Today's #cgscreative #photoadayapril challenge is M E. Those who are my closest friends know that I love children's books. The best ones awaken a deep joy. Instead of posting a selfie, I want to post this treasure I discovered this week at our local independent bookstore called "Sidewalk Flowers." I was immediately drawn to and felt a strong connection to the cover and the sweet, eager girl (in a red coat – warm and comfy and cool!) off on an adventure of kindness. A wordless book, the illustrations tell the tale of a girl completely driven by her inner strong spirit to share thoughtful presents of sidewalk flowers with all types of people and animals she meets. She is who I aspire to be! I hope this cheers you and inspires you to be a better version of yourself today. Remember it for the kiddos in your life! #citygirlsearching #photochallenge #precious #thehappynow #beautiful #sidewalkflowers #moving #boston #brooklinebooksmith #thehappynow #reading #photographyeveryday

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We had tea at the Museum of Fine Arts and enjoyed the Art in Bloom exhibit where local florists and skilled flower arrangers interpret the existing works of art in floral form.

I shared a few on my Insta, but here’s one pretty example.


It has been 1 year since Follain opened in Beacon Hill. You all know I love them, so B and I, and our friend M celebrated with some bubbly and yummy appetizers. Happy 1st Birthday, Beacon Hill Follain! 

I finally bit the bullet and picked up this miracle-worker called Vintner’s Daughter from Follain last night (the 10% discount helped, as well as completely running out of the samples). Think: distilled like a fine wine, healing oils for not-the-best skin. I don’t wear foundation anymore! Which is great – my skin can breathe. We are on a healing journey, my skin and I. Any of you use face oils?? I didn’t until this product and two mini precious samples later (I won’t lie – it is $$$) and my skin feels and looks better. More on this later….

That’s a wrap for now! Have a wonderful weekend and finish strong!

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  1. What a tour and great to see the past few weeks in review! Can’t wait until we see your next post with more yummy pictures and artistic creations!

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