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Brass Clothing takes Action for a nouveau Fashion

Boston-based female entrepreneurs, Katie Doyle and Jay Adams of Brass clothing asked me to be a Real Model – this is the story of what this Action means for Fashion.

After an introduction to Brass, I want to tell you about the outfits and why I’ve already purchased 3 items. I’ll talk about the feel of the fabric. Zippers. No zippers. Drape. Color. Everything you need to know.

It’s my birthday (yay!), and I want to share with you a fun, impactful, and thoughtful experience I had at the beginning of June. I hope that you enjoy and find some encouragement in the story!

My wellness journey seems to have begun Fall last year with a single emailed invitation to attend the W.E.L.L. Summit, and with it came a new-found consciousness about the impact of my attitude and actions, how wellness-related choices affect the way I took in and gave back to the world, and the way that I’m able to grow.

I went with my eyes open, not having any idea what to expect, but wanting to learn about wellness from a different, non-medical-specific angle – something different from my education. If you’ve read here about the W.E.L.L. Summit before, you would recall that it was definitely an impactful weekend and resulted in launching me into a community of conscious, helpful, eager to support women (and a few men). Whenever I see fellow #WELLSummitTribe members around Boston, at events, at yoga, around town it is always a day-brightening affair. Brass was also one of the makers that formed a part of the WELL Summit, although, focusing on skincare and food at the time, I did not get a chance to talk to them!

My experience with Brass as a local Boston business began in much the same way.

My eagerness to support local businesses and a local economy stems from an appreciation of the process of farmer’s markets on the one hand which bring the best, sustainable produce to all sorts of people, and the local artisan circuit. I adore summer for a plentitude of reasons, and among them is seeing beautiful art at local fairs. Being a small artist myself with a small but loyal clientele, I really appreciate the personalized touch that makes a purchase extra special.

When I saw the following call out on Brass’ Facebook page, I was all at once excited and uncertain – these girls looked amazing.

 Do you see their smiles? They look like they had been friends for a long time. They looked really good in their dresses! They also looked like they were having a great, fun day – which is something that attracted me. I became curious and wanted to know more about this cool brand that “makes chic easy.” 

I found the Brass Clothing website, discovered that Jay and Katie built this company from Kickstarter ground up, and that they seemed to really care about the clothes they made, down to complete disclosure about their factories in China and they demystified the back-end production and were happy to talk about the reasons for their designs.

The brassy result of this adventure: a simple, capsule collection of wearables that feel good, look good, and make you feel like you look good because you actually do.

I signed up. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t think I was “model material.” Every woman has, or has had, a revolving list of imperfections – physical attributes which somehow get translated into emotional vulnerabilities and even, most harmfully, realities that get projected into other areas of her life. I am no different, and the constant social media perfection that shows off the successes more than the failures often perpetuates a feeling of not being enough.

(Speaking of being enough, my blogger friend posted this on Instagram this week.)

I saw that 85 women had also seen the call for Real Models and, putting aside insecurities, fears of being in front of a camera, or of looking awkward (or anything else people are uncomfortable with) we bravely signed up, closed our eyes and hit send.

When I got the news that I had been selected for the following week’s shoot, I was mostly shocked. What changed a teensy bit of dread to full-blown excitement (I kept talking about it for days beforehand – just ask my husband)?  Brass said all sizes. all shapes. all ethnicities. They not only talked the talk, but they walked the walk. I was impressed.

The realization that what these two ladies at Brass were doing here was meaningful and that it would change a face of fashion. 

Real women. Real models. Real Brass Babes. 

Who we are: entrepreneurs, professionals, representative of the diverse population of the U.S.A. We are women who want to look and feel comfortable in clothes that fit our busy lifestyles. We come in all shapes and sizes. We don’t filter emotions for the sake of the camera.

Who we are not: professional models.


brass: brazen, bold, self-assertive.

In other words, someone who gets things done.

looking boss in the fit and flare


Brass figured it out: real women shopping want to know how the clothes are going to look on someone like them. Real women are informed consumers. They want to know where their clothes come from, and if they’re well made, and if they’re worth what they cost. They want to see that women of all different types can wear the same clothes and look fabulous and very much like themselves in each outfit.

In doing so, in calling for real models for an hour of an afternoon, they also are a part of the change making women feel confident (the models) but also customers. It is empowering.

After running the familiar route between outfit changes at Brass and professional photographer Lara at the studio nouveau above, I felt comfortable just having fun with poses and letting her direct me with clear, easy directions on what to do. She is amazing at what she does!!

The result: I left the experience feeling a little more love for me, and a little less critical. And that, is a very important takeaway. 

Yes, I was really laughing here.

With this introduction, I want to tell you about the outfits and why I’ve already purchased 3 items. I’ll talk about the feel of the fabric. Zippers. No zippers. Drape. Color. Everything you need to know. 


I dress for ease and describe my style as “comfy chic.” The cocktail shift dress in M fits over the head although it falls above the knee, it isn’t short when I sit. And, at 5 ft 5, that’s a problem for me if I feel like my skirt is too short. It’s one of the worst feelings in clothes!  I love the shape of the dress, where the sleeves fall, and the fact that it is looser but not a shapeless bag. It is SO chic. This is the piece I want to get next!

I tried this on and I had to have it – the ponte pants in M and the white blouse (more like a beautiful light cream) in S. I measure shirts by the quality of their buttons – these mother of pearl ones passed my test. The fabric of the shirts is like crepe de chine although it is a synthetic blend. A black-strapped purse rubbed stains on the shoulder but cleaned off without much ado and I knew this shirt would be a regular in my rotation. I’m not prim and too careful with my clothes because I am ready for adventures on the go. Being able to rely on washing with ease is important to me! Also, the blouse is the easiest chic thing to throw on and go. The pants have a 3 inch high waist which is not too tight, but feels snug and highlights all the good things a pant should. It is a cross between a legging and a pant, and is also a good warmth for the AC indoors. Easy on, easy off.


I wore this tank maxi in navy and size S on repeat – 4 times in a week, dare I say. Don’t worry, it is going in the wash… Instagram buddies loved this dress. The drape, the pockets that hold a iphone6 no problem, keys, a wallet, the lines, the simplicity, the stretch.  What is not to love? The v neck is flattering too. It can be a bit long, but Brass will send you a $15 credit if you need to tailor clothes to make them fit like a dream. The side zip is discreet and easy to reach (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stuck not being able to get a back dress zip up…). No such problem here.


The fit and flare is professional. It has a nice twirl to it. The fabric is slightly stretchy and feels nice too.


Basking in the sun…its what I do best.

What do you think? They ship across the USA, so if you’re not local, you’re still shopping small by supporting this community of #brassbabes and the Brass founders’ fashion mission. Follow along on instagram with this hashtag #brassbabes.

I’m so happy to have had this opportunity to be a real model and to have the privilege to work with Lara who took these FANTASTIC photos (can we get some applause here?!?) that make me look like a gal in a catalogue. She kindly allowed the use of these photos here so that I could not only TELL you, but SHOW you the clothes and give you a feel for the experience of being a real model, and what it is like to move around in these clothes. Thank you, Lara!


Have a fantastic weekend, and I would love to hear from you in the comments if any of this has resounded with you!


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