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Beach Salad- a fun & flavorful Tropical New England recipe 

Big flavors, simple ingredients. What could be better?
This recipe came to me yesterday when I was thinking of something to bring to our friend’s house for a July 4th BBQ and it was a huge success- it was gone so quickly! 
It’s the perfect dish for New England flavors and for the wanderlust tropical beach-loving people – bring the Caribbean on up! ⛵️☀️


//Serve chilled, serves 10

40 minutes of light labor for a stellar dish//


  • Two lobsters (3 pounds) tail, claws
  • 1/2 pound frozen corn 
  • 1/3 cup diced chopped red onion 
  • 2 large ripe, sweet mangos, cut up into small chunks 
  • Lemon juice from one large lemon 
  • Ground salt approx 3 tablespoons, added in stages 


Purchase 2 live lobsters, about 3 pounds worth. Boil salted water (sprinkle liberally to help the water boil faster) in a 6 quart pot (careful to think about how much water you put in – once you add the lobster, the water volume will be displaced so you don’t want any spills!) 
While the water boils, get your cutting board ready and chop mango, and onion and set aside. Cut lemon in half to use. Tip: If you’re serving the salad soon, just take the frozen corn out so it will chill the salad with the fresh hot lobster. 

Once the water is at a lively boil, use two sets of tongs to careful insert “lobstah” into the pot, claws and head first. The shells will go from dark reddish brown to bright red in about 8-11 minutes. Take them out and cool them, you can keep them in the sink and run cool water over them. Then when you can handle the shells, use a shell cracker, nut cracker, or the insides of kitchen scissors to open and extract claw and tail meat. 

Now, assemble the salad. 
In a big mixing bowl, add in mango and corn and stir around well. If any juice remains from cutting the mango up, keep it and don’t wash it down the drain! It will add beautiful flavor to the salad. Add in 1:3 of the salt and squeeze lemon liberally. Add in red onion and 1/3 more salt, squeezing lemon liberally. Then cut the lobster tails and claws into very small chunks, almost shredded pieces, and stir them in as they’re ready. Add rest of the salt in and the rest of the lemon. Taste it and see if you need more lemon or salt. 

Serve as a side to your favorite gathering or backyard BBQ! 
Cheers, and Happiest 4th of July to all of my American readers, here and abroad! 



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