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W.E.L.L. Summit 2016 in NYC is almost here- what I’m looking forward to from this wellness weekend and why

Hi friends!

I woke up today feeling distinctly very excited about how exactly 1 week from now, I’ll be on my way to NYC to experience an incredible wellness weekend.

Free-flowing words that come to mind if you say “W.E.L.L. Summit”

Vision. Self-care. Empowerment. Tools. Community. Light. Laughter. Tears. Yoga. Meditation. Thoughtful. Alive. Yum. Protection. Support. 

There’s nothing like it. I went to the inaugural wellness conference in Boston last year, hosted at the Wyndham Hotel in Beacon Hill, MA and wrote my response from it here. Up on the 15th floor, we experienced an inspiring beauty panel and learned about the effects of particular ingredients in skin/haircare and cosmetics and what to eliminate – gradually. We dabbled in DIY, making our own cleaning products that smelled wonderful and which would be effective and nontoxic with Devin from The Optimist Co. We learned about crafting our own dream. We were vulnerable together with Soapwalla founder, Rachel Winard, a violinist who began to listen to her body and embarked on a struggle into enlightenment which produced a company which brings not only safe products but also her story and care. We practiced seeing the beauty in each other, and were vulnerable with one another, exploring our imperfections and seeing them in a new light with Rebecca Casciano in her Sacred Beauty Salon (salon, as in historically, enlightenment + beauty). We heard from Brandie Gilliam, creator of one of my favorite this-is-my-treat magazines, Thoughtfully Magazine. We sampled lots of healthy food options that tasted delicious, and learned about eating for beauty with author Jolene Hart. We mingled with a community that was largely Boston-based, with a few travelers, where all the wellness-minded and those a little more advanced in their journeys came together. I didn’t know who anyone was – I came alone, but left with friends who I’m happy to see and check up on today. Since then, I’ve dined, practiced yoga with this lovely #wellsummittribe and am constantly reminded and helped by the tools I picked at this time.

Live more thoughtfully. 

Be the light in your community.

Your vibe attracts your tribe. 

That phrase, “your vibe attracts your tribe” is the signature mark on the totes that initially held incredible wellness goodies that made attendees feel so special, but has also been a conversation starter about wellness out on the street – people stop me to want to talk about it. They love it, and want to know what it means. What does this mean to you, by the way?

This year, we are going to bring wellness, empowerment, learning, and luxury to a new height and I really can’t thank Gianne Doherty, Organic Bath Co. founder, enough for putting this all together; her thought-child turned amazing event has really changed the trajectory of so many people’s lives.

These are the sessions I’m attending (so far…)

Feed Your Mind – The New Science of Eating For Brain Health with Drew Ramsey – nutrition & science, so I’m obviously there.

A Fair Trade/Conscious Consumer Panel – Meika Hollender, Margot Lyons (Coyuchi) and Brandie Gilliam (Thoughtfully Magazine)

A Clean Beauty Panel – Brandie Gilliam (Thoughtfully Magazine), Tara Foley (Follain), Alba Ramos (SunKissAlba)

Creating Professional Images with an iPhone Kristen Kellogg (Border Free Travels)

Rising to the Top: First-Class Tips for Successfully Navigating the Entertainment and Wellness Worlds Alyson Charles (Rockstar Shaman).

How to Keep Inspired + Creative Throughout your Stumbles, Struggles, and Falls + come out on top (Candice Kumai)

Meditation with Latham Thomas (doula and glowmaven)

(a little scientific note– I learned from a lecture by one of the premier neuroscientists in the world a few weeks ago, that mindfulness can train the brain’s systems to overcome adversity, and handle fear in a way that doesn’t add to the stress load on the body. The science of meditation and mindfulness! There are some studies in workplaces, but imagine the healing potential of this, if backed by science + experience! Fascinating.)

Using Makeup as a tool for Self-Love (Rebecca Casciano – Savor Beauty and Sacred Beauty Salon)

Easy Organic Beauty DIYs with SunKissAlba (Alba Ramos)

Cracking the code: Use Social Media to Create Influence, Build Community & Grow Your Business – Ksenia Avdulova (Breakfast Criminals)

The Discipline of Joy – How to be “Better than Fine” Through Hard Times – Siobhan O’Connor (No More Dirty Looks/Time Magazine)  — I really want to read that book!

There were too many incredible choices, and each session is capped at 35 people. Here are a few more that I hope to hear about, even if I can’t attend!

Making Miracles with Malas – Satya Scainetti

Meditation Awakening with Josh Rosebrook (amazing haircare line…)

Fear and the Imposter Syndrome – Cyndie Spiegel (The Collective Us)

Oh, and if you haven’t read “Where in the OM am I?” Read it. It is funny and a page-turner, and Sara Di Vello is awesome. <3 She is also having a couple of sessions!

Quiet strength. Leadership. Sharing.  

Have I made you want to join us yet? Ticket sales close officially October 17, on Monday, and there are a few Saturday or Weekend Tickets left on Head over there, explore, and if you can attend, I look forward to seeing everyone there! P.S. If you want a peek of those awesome wellness gift bags, head over to the @wellsummit Instagram – all the heart eyes! I’ll be ‘gramming and insta-storying next weekend, so follow my adventure LIVE over on @bluebootsgo!


In good health,


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