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A Giveaway for the #PracticalGal with Living Proof (over $144!)

Did you catch my post this week with The Gift Guide for the Practical Gal in Your Life? If you didn’t, have a look, but today I’m excited to give you a chance to win a set of 12 awesome Living Proof products for your hair’s health and beauty in this super cute travel pouch.


If you haven’t heard of Living Proof, in brief, they’re a company founded by Dr. Bob  Langer, an MIT professor, Boston salon owner Mitch De Rosa, and a venture capitalist Jon Flint and while they are based in Cambridge, MA but their products are all over the world. I geeked out last night at their holiday party when I toured their lab where they have a very neat wall of compounds and polymers that they cook up to develop new products that actually do what they’re supposed to do. Frizzy hair? Damaged hair? Flat hair? They know the problems men and women face with their hair, and they’re working on it.

Then, they have a testing salon where they invite people to participate in the process, testing to see if the silicone and resin-free products really hold the curl midair, right where you want it. I’ve gotten my hair cut there twice, and visited other times and everyone I’ve met on the team there has been awesome and fun! That’s the kind of environment, a collaboration between beauty + function through creativity in science, that I absolutely love

Their motto?

Science is Beautiful – You are the Living Proof 

I’ve tried probably about 12 of the product types – from flex shaping hairspray, to 3 kinds of shampoos, styling cremes and nourishing hair oils, and of course – the favorite of the family, the dry shampoo that actually cleans your hair. (Once you spray it in, it clings to the dirt and oil in your hair that makes it look less than lovely, and you shake it all out – voila – cleaner hair).

I featured the nourishing hair oil and dry shampoo on my Guide for The Practical Gal in Your Life, so they are in this lovely care package for the giveaway, along with a host of other products here that you can try out, travel with, and love.


What better way to gift (or gift yourself!) the practical gal than giving her a ready-to-go (in her gym bag………to stow at her desk at work…….etc) kit!


Here are some fun snaps from the festivities last night at Living Proof HQ:


Because I’m inspired by my friend Amanda’s Giving Back Series (along with 6 other fabulous ladies, I’m so honored to be a part of her project this week where she gathered inspiring creative blogger and content developers- check it out here) I’m going to incorporate the spirit of it into this giveaway.

Here’s how you can enter – 3 ways to win, completing all the steps in each option for one full entry. You can complete any number of options for extra entries! All entries will be verified, giveaway is  ON today, Thursday December 8 – Sunday December 11, 2016 (that way I can mail the winner the gift before the holidays!) A BIG thanks to Living Proof for making this possible!

Option 1

Enter on Instagram:

  1. Follow me @bluebootsgo
  2. Comment with one way that you’re giving back – it could be with a $$ donation to a charity, your time, a self-care practice, hosting a meal and sharing love. The purpose is just to get you thinking and reflecting and loving!
  3. Tag a pal for an extra entry!

Option 2

Enter on Pinterest:

Follow me @bluebootsgo to check out what’s inspiring me – let’s pin together 🙂

Option 3

Enter on Facebook:

  1. Follow me by hitting ‘Like’ on my page, Where the BlueBoots Go, to catch what’s inspiring me  – articles, all the latest blog posts, news about giveaways and events, and more!
  2. Comment with one way that you’re giving back – it could be with a $$ donation to a charity, your time, a self-care practice, hosting a meal and sharing love. The purpose is just to get you thinking and reflecting and loving!

Keep track of your entries on Rafflecopter and make sure to leave your handle so I’ll know it is you!

 Enter to Win Living Proof Travel Set (over $144!) Dec8-Dec11, 2016

Happy giving season!



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