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Moroccan Magic// on my Wellness Tray

Lip balm is an essential, year round. This time of year, I’m loving Moroccan Magic‘s peppermint eucalyptus lip balm for the minty pick-me-up scent. Sitting next to a floral arrangement of fresh eucalyptus right now, I wanted to make sure you all knew about this USDA organic lip balm made with moroccan argan oil, which makes this smooth product my current fav that I don’t leave the house without. Safe lip balm is a big deal – if you use lip products, you basically eat pounds of lip balm a year. If they’re laden with chemicals, that is NOT ok.



With good exfoliating practices (a little lip scrub followed by washing the scrub off with a warm wash cloth) to get rid of dead skin cells, and then a few swipes of Moroccan Magic, you’re good to go with a healthy canvas for the day, or for your lipstick!


The founder, Kristina, has been building community among local Boston Business Women and has put together not only Moroccan Magic but also a professional network of women leaders who share resources, ask questions, and support one another. She also is putting together the 2nd Boston Business Women’s Conference in May. Boston is just a special place to live. She posts motivating quotes and is real with her community, which is important to put into the world as a leader who hopes to be a pattern and inspiration. You can find her inspiring us all @busygirlboston or @moroccanmagic or @bostonbusinesswomen on Instagram.

img_2640Rose is a beaaaaautiful yummy scent as well.

What’s even better? If you’re in NY, NJ, and CT, they’re at Whole Foods. They’re actually coming to CVS this spring around the USA. When great, healthy organic products break into the market and are accessible, it makes me happy. You’ll be able to grab a few in a package to throw in your work bag, nightstand, desk, bathroom, pocket, and wherever else you need it!

I’ve got it on my Wellness Tray, c/o Moroccan Magic!


(Wondering what that is? Read here for the first post in this series highlighting fabulous makers of wellness treats!)

In the meantime, you can grab your own online. I recommend the peppermint eucalyptus & rose! (Anyone else switch up their lip balm scents based on their mood?)

These little beauties are an inexpensive way to make a lasting difference in someone’s wellness routine.

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I hope you all are enjoying much-needed time with your family this holiday season! 

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