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The ONE Product You Need this Summer

I really don’t say such bold statements about things, but after you hear this story, you probably will agree – you need this.

I went to the adorable, pink baby shower of one of my friends earlier this month, and as baby showers tend to be my excuse to wear a special occasion dress – aka my fanciest summer white dresses that I basically wear once a year if at all. I pulled out a special dress to find that it had LOADS of stains on it. Perspiration, food traces, water stains – all from a year ago and somehow escaped notice. How?!? I almost gave up before I started – it was one of those dresses you can’t toss in a washing machine, and – stains a year later? Forget it.

Long story short, let me just say that this Laundress Wash and Stain Bar, which reels in at a miniscule $6 each, is a LIFESAVER. I got every awful stain out, and the dress looked brand new. Plus, I’ve gotten collar stains out of dress shirts, and even on white blazers, and it is said to work on furniture fabrics (moms with kids – try this on your couches!) and linens. It lasts forever, smells clean and pleasant, doesn’t irritate my skin like Oxy Clean does, and actually works.

fancy white dress party style

I’ve linked it via Amazon (including some Prime options) – the image will also take you right there. It comes in a pack of 2, and since it is a bar, it also will travel well (or you can slice a piece off!) to take with you on a trip. The worst thing is traveling for a wedding or special event and coming back to your hotel or where you’re staying with a stain on that ONE jacket you brought. #beprepared #itcanbeeasy

How to use the Laundress Wash & Stain Bar:

All you do is “color” the stained area with the bar – looks just like a soap bar. Leave it for a few minutes, then take an old toothbrush and/or rub the fabric together. The stain will start to lighten a bit. Depending on the fabric, take care as you gently add some warm water and rub the stain. It will froth a bit as you scrub, but rinse thoroughly and care for your fabric as you normally would.

Pink Baby Shower Inspiration


baby bib decorating idea

my contribution as a nutrition professional 🙂

Get my look!

This dress is from a shop called Naf Naf that is in Paris. The shoes, however, are an IT color this spring/summer season and are excellent for adding a chic pop of color plus, of course, comfort. The beaded gold bar necklace is a handmade piece from Inspirée by S – the custom design shop of BlueBootsGo, make by yours truly!

Pelle Moda ‘Berlin’ Ankle Strap Sandal in Powder Bluenull


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