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We’re on air in 5…with what to bring on board a plane in your personal item

Wheel’s up! Since summer has brought us 35,000 feet up a number of times, I have taken it as a challenge to optimize traveling and come up with some tips. In this post, I’ll share a few tips solely for making you feel better upon arrival after a flight. If you’re flying and going straight to work or a special event, you’re going to need these tips to give yourself a little extra love to counter the extra travel stress. Many of my favorites are linked to Amazon, so you can grab them easily!

Here are common complaints I both hear about and experience while flying:

-it is noisy. the cries of an uncomfortable child, the roar of the plane engine, snores of fellow passengers.

-the germs are flying. once one person coughs, it seems the plane joins in the chorus shortly.

-constantly, thirsty.

-the plane snack boxes and meals are NOT what I want to eat.

I’m not drinking the coffee and tea on board anymore if I can help it! Here’s why.

-my eyes are so dry I can’t wear contacts

-my eyes are puffy

-my skin on my face and hands is dry or tight

-my lips are chapped

-it is so bright

-my neck hurts

-my muscles ache from sitting

-my stomach inflates

-I’m cold

-my feet are swelling

Are any of these problematic to you? I’ve got you covered.

Bring these in your personal item.

Problem: I’m already feeling a little tired and run-down from the stress of getting here/catching my connection/the long trip ahead/jet lag is imminent. 


  1. Emergen-C or a vitamin equivalent

2. a spray tube of hand sanitizer in an energizing scent, like peppermint

3. a few napkins you can grab on the way to your gate

Spray a napkin liberally with hand sanitizer and wipe down your tray table, arm rests, and your seat. You will be sitting there for a while, and although people say they often get sick after traveling, you can minimize what you are directly touching and putting on your face, lips, hands pretty easily by wiping things down. The Emergen-C (my favorite flavor is Tropical) in a cup of water has the dual benefit of an energy boost, immune support, and if you’re feeling nauseous, the fizz helps settle your stomach.

Problem: My back and muscles hurt from sitting for so long.


  1. a tin of Badger Balm, Sore Muscle Rub – 2 oz sore muscle rub with a bit of a pain reliever. These are small, flat, and do the trick.
  2. advil or tylenol – pain reliever for if nothing else helps and you’ve got a killer headache.
  3. a sweater or scarf, any extra piece of clothing that you can roll up.
  4. a tennis ball, but even a reusable water bottle can do the trick of a portable foam roller.

Roll up your sweater or scarf and make lumbar support that you can adjust as needed.

If you have room for a tennis ball, bring it along so you can roll it up and down your legs to increase circulation, and along the soles of your feet.

Clench and release your muscles about once an hour to keep muscles loose.

Problem: I’m so stressed from traveling over here and just want to close my eyes and rest, quietly. 


  1. a small tube of lavender essential oils in a roller ball AND/OR a tin of soothing calm balmI put this on my wrists and the palms of my hands. At night wherever I’m going, I rub the soles of my feet with the sleep balm and I’m out.

I got this lavender essential oil rollerball c/o Influenster to try, and it helped me relax on the plane last weekend. (Get $1 off of 2 with CODE NO1OFF2 on Amazon!)

2. an eye mask with earplugs. I’ve been using this for about a year. It blacks out light, and has a soft, plush surface for your eyes. In a pinch, a clean sock, scarf, or sleeve of your jacket will do just fine.

3. noise canceling headphones. they block out the buzz and mechanical noises like a dream, but you can still hear important announcements. They’re a sound investment – for work, and for planes.

Problem: I’m so dehydrated my skin hurts everywhere, and my mouth is dry, I’m getting nauseous, my eyes are dry.



1. a reusable water bottle. I use this one because it is small and can keep liquids hot or cold. Fill it up before you get on board! Don’t forget to drink up.

2. a small washcloth. I always travel with my own because I use it in my face and skincare routine and want to guarantee it is clean. If needed, wet the washcloth with some of your water, lay it over your closed eyes and it will feel so good.


3. a moisturizer that has loads of shea butter in it. I use this one from Organic Bath Co. for a deep moisturizing for arms, hands, elbows, legs. Their PeaceFull is great for calming, and Zesty Morning is great for energizing.

4. an emergency snack. Even if the flight is short, sometimes when nausea hits, slowly chewing something dry and plain like a cracker can stave off hunger or calm a churning stomach. Nuts and dried fruit are also a great snack with protein and good fats to hold you over.

5. A hydrating face spray. I like this Fresh rose spray that I fill into a smaller travel size bottle from Target. A lot of my friends also love this Josh Rosebrook hydrating accelerator, which is already in travel size.

Problem: I can’t sit still for so long-I’m bored! 



    1. 1. Charger and battery pack for your phone or device. Planes often have outlets at the seat. Always board with a full battery if you can! I like to travel with a small portable battery pack as well. The worst is arriving and needing to call for a ride, and your phone dies…

2. One paper reading material, even if you don’t usually read on a flight. It has happened numerous times where a fancy new plane just can’t get signal and you’re stuck without any visual entertainment. Especially if you travel alone, this can be quite the long trip!

3. an open mind. Gauge the interest of your seat mates and be open if the opportunity for a great conversation comes up. I’ve actually made a dear friend from a serendipitous conversation with my seat mate one flight! True story.

I hope that these tips help you! Let me know if you try any of them and if they’re game changers. What are your essentials to bring on board with you? I’d love to hear – please comment below and share!

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cheers blueboots

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