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“When I grow up, I want to be a ______”

I was just reading in my psychology text about music therapy, which reminded me that at one point in my life until February the 19th, of the year two-thousand and eleven, I quite seriously was considering to be – not a music therapist, but – an art therapist. This brought me to musings on all the different careers I’ve given serious thought to. I’m a list-maker, so here’s the list.

A Long List.

[by Lady Think-A-Lot]

-art therapist


Toys’R’us Kid [just kidding…]



-science writer


-food critic

-children’s book author

-“some government official”





-magazine editor





-food scientist

-chocolate artist

-cafe owner

-French teacher

-flight attendant [only because more than one person randomly told me I’d be good at it – what does that mean?]


hardly a theme between them all. ALL 24 of them.Well, that’s counting the Toys’R’us kid.

food, science, writing. Perhaps they are the three words that tie a number of them together?

What do you think? * * Warning! Interactive * *


Just curious, for ol’ times and memories sake, what did you want to be?

3 thoughts on ““When I grow up, I want to be a ______”

  1. teacher (actually happened)
    vet (then my dad told me I would have to see sick animals instead of playing with healthy animals)
    Jeopardy! contestant
    flight attendant (I love to travel!)
    singer (before I realized that I can’t actually sing)

  2. first thing that came to mind reading the title of your post was

    “… man of God! dum dum dum dum~”

    disclaimer: i receive e-mail digests of sanae’s wonderful blog so i hope this isn’t a violation of training regulations! x)

    btw, sanae i miss you :]

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