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That’s the name of the cute little place where they make the BEST cupcake I have ever eaten.

Moving from California where friends raved about cupcakes,and would take a trip over to Sprinkles , that famous cupcakerie in L.A. to satisfy their cravings, I was a little less than inclined to voluntarily eat a fancy cupcake. Friends often would come back with a Red Velvet one, savoring every bite, and when I’d throw open the fridge door, I’d then find a sorry little piece staring up at me, sitting in a plastic cupcake box and I’d look away, grab my slice of cheese (likely) and shut the door. Firmly. Because Red Velvet is supposed to be like chocolate and taste like chocolate without actually being chocolate, I, who love – (well, ok, fine, yes I) love fine chocolate am saddened by an intentional substitute and have not at all been impressed with Red Velvet.

Cupcakes? I’d have to say that I’m not a huge fan of cake in general, and yes, if I had to eat cake, perhaps a cupcake might be an appropriate size.Me? I only shrug and look away disinterestedly.  They’re cuter than a slice of cake, I suppose.

My main complaint and critique when it comes to cupcakes are that there is nothing worse than a dry one, or one with stiff frosting that granulates in your mouth. Yeuck.

To avoid that experience, which I’ve had a number of times, I abide by the “don’t need it, don’t eat it” excuse and steer clear.

When I went up to NY recently, however, a friend took me to Crumbs to catch up briefly before I headed straight to the airport and I ate one whole giant cupcake there – Blackbottom Cheesecake Brownie. I eyed the 6-pack of tiny versions of these giant cupcakes, and then ended up buying an Espresso giant cupcake, which I carted home with me to Cambridge.

Intending to save it, it sat on the counter the night I arrived, untouched, still in a box and bag. The next day, however, I opened it to sample the frosting, fully intending to shut the lid and save the rest, but I kid you not, I could not. The frosting was so good, and I soon reached the cake part and kept going. Until, it was all gone.

And that, my friends, was my cupcake conversion.

crumbs logocrumbschocolate shavingsyummy cappucino frostingreadychocolate covered espresso beans on toplook at that frosting!mouthwateringall goneonly crumbs left - how appropriate

Locations! (very, very unfortunately -none where I am.)

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