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Texas, O Texas.

I recently returned from a southerly jaunt to Texas and besides an excellent trip, I came away with a few visual chuckles to share.

In response to dear Sheila’s comment on a recent post, here is a post on Texas with a few tidbits on food in Texas included 🙂 Besides a landmark grocery adventure, I had the pleasure of partaking in bbq, brunches, Blue Bell ice cream, homemade cajun gumbo, pulled pork sandwiches, various cheese and chicken-filled items, and Dublin (the Texas one) Dr. Pepper.

I left my camera at home, but here are a few shots taken via my mobile camera.

English to Texan

Sunblock –>  cowboy hat

Dressin’ Up –> Cowboy boots

House Pet –> Armadillo

Ol’ Glory –>  Texas flag

Home, Sweet Home –> Texasss

Bank Machine –> Oil Refinery

Security System –> Pistol

Snack –> Armadillo – that looks familiar…did we see that somewhere?

A Night Out –> BBQ on the grill

Champagne –> Lone Star somethin’

Pickles –> chilis

Steak and Veggies –> two meaty steaks (minus the veggies)


Cowboys and their Cows. Dallas Stockyards. Ahem, cattle. Meat cows.

Visual Job description of a Cowboy affixed to the wall of a building at the Dallas Stockyards. Are they hiring?

the famous, sweeter, cane sugar version of Dr. Pepper (home to the original Dr. Pepper, and Dublin Dr. Pepper)

Part 1: Trip to Sam's Club. Honda Civic. Full Trunk.

Part 2: Trip to Sam's Club. Honda Civic. Full backseat to ceiling.

(A unique experience of shopping with a friend at Sam’s Club for Memorial Day Weekend, for many guests.)

2 thoughts on “Texas, O Texas.

  1. 🙂 now you know why so many people down here drive pickup trucks! Much easier to fit the goods from Sam’s into them…

    oh, and I think it’s Lone Star beer.

    What did ya think of our BlueBell?

    • genius! pick up trucks. I’ve had BlueBell a few times, I like it! I’ve had…a few flavors. My favorite I had last summer, which was Southern Blackberry Cobbler (save some for me whenever I come visit 😉 ) I had Tin Roof and some sundae-like flavor also on this trip.

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