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Hand-Made Specialty Note Cards

Since July of last year, besides occasional song-writing, projects with fine papers and cards have become my main creative outlet.

Color, shapes, and textures make these projects a lot of fun! The more intricate the parts, the better.

Each card is unique: no matter how hard I wanted to try to reproduce designs, the desire to explore many different creative designs, while using all the tiny scraps in new ways, over-ruled the initial intention to reproduce designs.

I’ve made around 90 different designs thus far. Unfortunately, some I’ve already given away without taking photos of them. This evening, I am posting the Merci Style.

(For Styles with the label [coming soon], check back soon. I will let you all know when those are up for viewing and also as new styles are designed.)

-The Styles-


What do you all think? Would I be able to pull this off as a little side business, say on Etsy? Vote below, or comment, and let me know! 🙂

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