Framed Wedding Program DIY
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Framed Wedding Program DIY

I got bitten by the artsy bug this morning and nothing could console me until I had upturned our place, rooting through boxes of art supplies in search of paint chips (which I ended up not using after all). My brainstorming was a bit scattered today. I scrawled out a list on scrap paper, in … Continue reading

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BlueBoots’ Hymn-a-Day Challenge – Introducing Daily Hymn

This is a * new * and pretty awesome self-challenge I embarked on this week with a friend: read (not even sing) a hymn in a Christian hymnal I have every day, starting at the beginning and keeping track of each one until the entire book is read. Pretty low-demand, yes? We’re not starting from … Continue reading

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Hand-Made Specialty Note Cards

Since July of last year, besides occasional song-writing, projects with fine papers and cards have become my main creative outlet. Color, shapes, and textures make these projects a lot of fun! The more intricate the parts, the better. Each card is unique: no matter how hard I wanted to try to reproduce designs, the desire … Continue reading

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The large-scale blown glass sculptures are installations made for both indoors and outdoors. I had a look in the exhibition book in the exhibit shop and there is a stunning shot of one of the chandelier pieces (you will see what this is in the photos, with a small written explanation) hanging from a stone … Continue reading