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BlueBoots’ Hymn-a-Day Challenge – Introducing Daily Hymn

This is a * new * and pretty awesome self-challenge I embarked on this week with a friend: read (not even sing) a hymn in a Christian hymnal I have every day, starting at the beginning and keeping track of each one until the entire book is read. Pretty low-demand, yes?

We’re not starting from hymn 1 to hymn zed, but we will choose a section and go through it in order, in its entirety, before beginning another. This week, we have started a section called “Praise of the Lord – His Divinity” and the three hymns are ones I’ve never laid eyes on. That’s what’s great about this challenge!

I’d like to share one verse or chorus a day with you all that impressed me the most. Sometimes it’s hard to choose just one verse, but it is good to study the hymns a bit. It’ll be a little bit of catch-up at the start since I’ve read three hymns to date and today is Day 1 of sharing with you all.

I’ll soon make a new tab on BlueBootsGo for Daily Hymn and you can stop by there if you miss a post so you can keep on track :).  Here we go!

Day 1 – 56

6. In Thee God’s fulness we receive,

Which fills from grace to grace;

In Thee with God we’re mingled here,

Till one in every phase.

Day 2 – 57

4. Embodiment of God Thou art,

And with Him ever one;

In Thee is God expressed to us

Beyond comparison.

Day 3 – 58.

3. The Word of God – how rich, profound,

His testimony shown;

Within the Word Thou art declared,

That God should be made known.

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