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bitten by the busy bug – “bisy backson”

To answer some of my faithful readers who have been wondering as to the whereabouts of BlueBoots, ’tis true, BlueBoots has been on a hiatus for a few months. (I can hardly call it a break.) But just as stealthily as I have been bitten by the busy bug (alias for Medical School) I’ve also recently been bitten by the writing bug and desiring of writing-reading-anything-other-than-MedicalMolecularBiologicalNutritional…(feel free to add anything else you can think of that ends in an L or an R really fast, and join me in fast losing your breath). In fact, the writing bug was so persistent that I could not resist it a moment more: I have a couple of lengthy papers on chromosomes to read and come up with  thoughtful questions for before 8:40 am (it is presently 7:40 am), a task which unfortunately takes a couple of hours for me at least, yet here I am at my desk, plodding away at the keyboard while rain batters the window ledge and my roommates are sound asleep.

I have had some adventures, have taken a few photos, and am waiting for a time other than right now (chromosomes are calling…) to share them with you all.

Cheers and…see you around the bend!

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