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Gingerbread Brunch at The Hampshire House {Boston}

Three gals and I planned a fun brunch (wayyyyy in advance) one Sunday this December to decorate our own gingerbread houses and feast on hearty fare. We had a BLAST – unlimited, colorful candy supply, good food, and friends? what more can you ask for??. What I really loved seeing was ALL the ages of people who were there – young kids through older adults. A huge table of kiddos dressed in their finest party clothes was seated next to us (i.e. crushed candy imprinted into the carpet, galore) but they had a royal time, as well as couples happily building away, a group of teachers celebrating the end of the year, and us – friends with an excuse to dress up, be together, and make edible art.

Christmas and family get togethers are ALMOST here (hang in there, everyone at offices plugging away today) so I thought I’d share this to spread some merry cheer and give some inspiration to you all for fun Gingerbread House decorating to be had, should you choose to embark on this awesome adventure with friends and family in the upcoming week.

Follow the captions through if you like, and enjoy!

A very happy holiday season to all my readers!!! Thank you, thank you for a great year, for coming along with BlueBoots, and for making it all more fun and interactive.




delicious, blank canvases, freshly baked that morning…


jelly beans, mints, gumdrops, mike&ike’s


brunch was held in an old library.


lovely sisters


I’m a steak and potatoes kind of gal… Other menu choices included salmon, clam chowder, and sweet french toast.


one of us made the cutest house! Those snowflakes are yogurt covered pretzels that look like giant snowflakes, cascading down the roof. So wintery!


add some m&ms and skittles and marshmallows, hard candy


AH building her front door up. Check out the mike&ike bricks on the back!!!


There’s AH’s front door, complete with two sweet bears welcoming visitors 🙂


Welcome to J&S’s snowy winter cottage!


I love how the sun rays filter over the back of my little house.


Neighbors <3


My “backyard” in progress


The side of my house and roof, densely (and symmetrically) decorated



Mom and Pop


How CUTE is this. They’re making s’mores outside on a campfire, sitting on candy cane benches. They inspire me, with all their gummy self wisdom. 🙂


Those are some snow-capped trees, made out of gum drops.


That mike&ike brick back wall of AH’s house. The starry window is cute too!




At J&S’s snowy winter cottage, they have 5 little bears playing outside. R was super creative and she and S took the sprinkles that fell off of the mints, and drizzled them over wet icing to make that pattern over the windows.


of course – they have to play on the snow piles too, these little gummy kiddos.


I discovered that I could see through the back window to the front of my gingerbread house – to those two sweet bears, about to go on a walk out their front door in a wintery wonderland… My favorite picture.


So we had a lot of fun. Here’s a look at our neighborhood, with visitors going from house to house with good cheer. What a pleasant place for friends! <3



the Master Builders – (a hat off to the Lego Movie :D)

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